As The World Turns Update Friday 4/20/01


As The World Turns Update Friday 4/20/01

By Laurie

Lien instructs Curtis on how to act in court. She tells him what to say and
not to say to the judge. She explains how important it is to answer all the
questions the judge asks. Lien suffers a pain while she is talking to Curtis,
but doesn't say anything. Jake tells Ben that his contact in prison needs
some "coaxing" to get the goods on Curtis's father.

Jack tells Carly the bad news about Julia wanting to go to Barbara's wedding
before she will give him a divorce. Julia boasts to Lisa that Jack's going to
ask her to the wedding of the year. Lisa doesn't understand it, but hopes
that things work out. Later, she tells one of the other patients that she
will get back together with Jack and finally go home. Carly thinks that
Julia's changed her tactics and is going on the offensive. She wonders why
Julia would give up her only hold on Jack just to go on a date. Though she
suggests Jack accept the deal, he's suspicious and agrees to check with Cass
on the legal aspects of such an arrangement. Cass decides Jack get Julia to
sign a document which would insure that she keep her promise to divorce him.
Jack agrees.

Bryant offers Craig the incriminating photos of him locking lips with a naked
Ruby in exchange for a canceled wedding. Craig claims he doesn't care about
the photos but wonders why Gabriel and Ruby are helping Bryant. He tries to
explain to Bryant that people like the Franks can be dangerous and that he
got himself into a mess he may not be able to get himself out of. Craig asks
for Simon's help in letting the Franks know that he's on to them.

Katie resents it when she finds Margo and Tom planning a welcome home party
for Lien and starts in on Margo for keeping her out of family fun. Tom points
out that they tried calling her but there was no answer at the garage. Katie
explains their new living arrangements. Margo wants to know why Craig is
being so nice to them and letting them stay with him after he tried so hard
to get her out in the first place. Katie tells Margo that Simon is working
for Craig. Simon is not happy that Katie told her police officer sister about
his plans with Craig. Lien is surprised by her family's party for her.  She
stumbles again in pain and comes up with an excuse that she fell and hurt her
ankle. Jake tells Margo that it's not the first time Lien's been hurt. Margo
asks him why he didn't day anything before. He tells her that he didn't know
what was wrong and Lien always downplayed it. But now he knows something is
wrong and that they should be concerned.

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