As The World Turns Update Wednesday 4/18/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 4/18/01

By Laurie

Katie goes to Yo's and sees Simon there with Ruby. She tells her to stay away from her husband. Ruby is surprised that Katie is married to Simon, but it doesn't make her back down. Both Ruby and Simon laugh at her and she gets mad and then grabs a nearby pool stick and threatens to use it on Ruby. Ruby doesn't back down and grabs her own stick. They try to hit each other but they are both grabbed and told to take it outside. Ruby walks away and goes outside. Katie is upset at Simon for doing that to her. Simon confides to Katie that Ruby's the person Craig asked him to question and claims that he was using his charm to get close to her. Simon leaves and catches up to Ruby outside. To get even, Katie brings one of Yo's best customers home with her so that Simon will be jealous. Instead, Simon's angry with her for endangering her life with one of the bar's biggest drunks just to upset him.

 Hal tries to convince Sierra that Craig's a killer. She doesn't believe him and is mad that he is talking about him.  She says that Craig is a decent and kind man. Especially lately. Hal says that he is only trying to protect Barbara. He says that since Craig signed a prenup, then the only way for him to get Barbara's money is if she dies. Sierra reminds him that Barbara's a grown woman and says he is being jealous. She tells him that she doesn't want to hear anymore and tells him that if her children ever hear him talk about Craig in any slanderous way, she will sure him.

Carly surprises Jack in his car and announces that she's here to reclaim her man. He takes her home and there she talks to him about loving him and that she wants to be with him. Jack tells her that it won't work and he is tired of always hurting her. He says that he can't promise her anything. Carly tells him that she's decided not to worry about Julia. She promises to be with him even if he's forced to remain married to his crazy wife. She says that he must have some feelings since he told Julia that he wanted a divorce. She locks the door and tells him that he can't leave. He kisses her and they go to the bedroom. He takes of her clothes and she takes off his. They end up in bed and she tells him that she loves him. Then they make love for the first time since she left town. ~The End

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