As The World Turns Update Tuesday 4/17/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 4/17/01

By Laurie

Stopping by the Java Underground to find Simon, Katie runs into an angry Henry instead who demands the letter of recommendation she promised from Craig. She boasts about her new living arrangements and hints that she doesn't need him anymore.

At Yo's, Simon and Ruby grow closer, comparing pasts, guessing each other's interests and confessing their favorite scams. The two start dancing and then share a few passionate kisses. Katie finds Simon and lets him have it, telling Ruby that he's her husband.

Barbara returns home and, once Hal goes upstairs, apologizes to Jennifer. When Barbara explains that she still intends to marry Craig, Jennifer becomes upset again and storms out. Hal tries a different tactic and offers Barbara support. Surprised, Barbara confesses that he's the only person she truly trusts and adds that she doesn't think she can marry Craig. She asks Hal if he truly believes that Craig might hurt her. Later, Hal calls Sierra to set up a meeting.

Meanwhile, Bryant starts to burn the photos of Ruby with Craig but then blows out the match. He and Jennifer agree to hold onto the photos until the big wedding day. The two decide to take advantage of their privacy but before they can make love, Bryant stops when he realizes they have no protection. Jennifer suggests that they continue and just be careful but he won't agree and offers to continue tomorrow night.

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