As The World Turns Update Monday 4/16/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 4/16/01

By Laurie

Jennifer tells Hal about her deal with Bryant. She also tells him that Bryant set up Craig to mess up his and Barbara's marriage plans. Hal says that Barbara will see through the scheme and grow even closer to Craig as a result. Jennifer wonders why their marriage failed and Hal tells her that he
didn't have enough for her mother. He asks Jen  to be supportive in hopes that Barbara will soon see her mistake. Jennifer warns Bryant about Hal's opinion of Bryant and Jen's scheme and they all end up arguing just as Barbara returns home. She says that Craig remained behind in New York after Craig saw how much she missed her children. Hal's think that maybe Barbara is changing her mind about marrying Craig and asks Jennifer to wait for Barbara
to act. Meanwhile, Bryant considers what to do with the photos he has. He had shown Lucinda the pictures, and she wants to use them against Craig. Bryant took them back from her and told her no, he won't use them.

Rose goes to Lucinda's and wants to know why she should stay in Oakdale. She thinks that fate is making her stay there. Rose tells Lucinda that Denise left town which ended her dance lessons. Rose reminds her that she should have been adopted by Lucinda instead of Lily. So, Lucinda offers her a big reward should she decide to stay in Oakdale.

While all this is happening, Lily and Holden make love and talk about all their dreams of a big happy family. Lily asks Holden if he will ever truly trust her again. He says he has enough faith in them to trust anything between them.

Simon spots Ruby working another jewelry scam and butts in to help her scheme but she ends the deal to find out more about him. Simon flirts with her, admitting he knows what she's doing and hints that he knows she doesn't want
to be alone tonight.

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