As The World Turns Update Friday 4/13/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 4/13/01

By Laurie

Jennifer and Bryant find out that Craig and Barbara went to New York.  They can't believe that they just left without telling anyone first, and not have to postpone showing them the pictures of Craig and Ruby kissing.

Katie and Simon move into Craig's Lakeview suite. Katie overhears Simon talking on the phone trying to find a beautiful auburn haired woman. Thinking that Simon is trying to find another wife, Katie asks about his past.  She
tells him that she knows all about his rich wives and that he's been married 5 times. He admits to his previous marriages but insists that he loved each of his wives. He says that Craig hired him to find Ruby. Katie doesn't
believe him. He tries to convince Katie that his interest in Ruby is just business. Katie says that she once met Ruby and says that she was at the Java Underground and she'll go with him. He tells her no, he will go by himself. She tried to leave anyway, but he carries her back to the room.

When Lucinda finds out that Sierra and Craig are still married she tries to discourage Sierra from divorcing Craig. Lucinda shares with Sierra her plan to send Craig to prison for not being able to replace the money he stole from
Bryant. Sierra doesn't want Lucinda to do anything to hurt Craig. Jennifer and Bryant show up and reveal their plan to blackmail Craig with the pictures they have. They want to stop the wedding of Craig and Barbara also. Sierra is
really upset with Bryant and his 'plan'. She asks him to please stop the family fighting. Bryant doesn't know who to listen to. He is torn between his mother and his grandma.

Jake is concerned about Lien when she has another dizzy spell.  He tells Molly about how he is worried. Lien meets with Ben and informs him that Curtis will have to testify in court. Isaac tells Ben that Denise is leaving town. Ben leaves without telling Lien where he is going. Lien is by herself and tells Isaac that she will leave. Isaac convinces her to stay a little while longer. Jake gets a phone call, but can't hear the person and needs to call them back. He tells Molly not to bother Lien. She says she won't, but
Jake doesn't believe her. He tells Isaac to distract Molly so she won't talk to Lien. Just as Jake leaves, Molly goes over to Lien but Isaac comes up and asks Lien to dance.  Ben runs to the Hughes house to find Denise. They say
good-bye and Ben tells her that he will miss her but wishes her luck and says that she will do very well for herself. Denise leaves for Chicago. Ben goes back to the Java Underground and tells Lien that he had to say good-bye to an old friend. Lien accepts that and smiles and they dance.

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