As The World Turns Update Thursday 4/12/01



As The World Turns Update Thursday 4/12/01

By Kim

Gabriel and Bryant are discussing the pictures that were taken with Craig
and a half naked Ruby in Craig's car.  Gabriel is excited that it worked. 
Bryant tells him not to get too excited because they still don't know if the
pictures turned out yet.  Ruby comes in with the pictures and tells them
that she is thankful for one hour photo processing.  They look at the
pictures and are ecstatic that they turned out and they finally have enough to show Jennifer's mom.  Bryant tells them that he wants to meet with Jennifer to tell her the good news.  He calls Jennifer and asks her to meet him at Al's.  She wants to know why and he tells her that he can't say over the phone.  She agrees to meet him.  Bryant leaves to go tell Jennifer the good news.

Simon is at Al's eating when Craig comes in and sits down at his table. 
Simon tells him to go away.  Craig tells him that he has a job opportunity
for him.  Simon remembers the last one he had for him. And doesn't want to help him.  Craig tells him that it isn't illegal and that he just needs some
information about who has set him up.  He explains what happened with Ruby and that it was a perfect opportunity for someone to take some photographs and use it against him.  Simon tells him that if he is going to help it will be on his terms.  Craig asks him to tell him the terms.  Simon wants half of his fee up front.   Craig tells him that he won't pay until he sees some results.  Simon refuses to accept it without half up front.  Craig tells him that he will allow Simon and Katie to live in his suite with him at the Lakeview.  He doesn't like the fact that Katie is living in the garage, etc. Simon agrees.  Craig describes Ruby and tells Simon that it's the same woman that conned Bryant.  Simon leaves.  Craig gets up to leave and Bryant walks in with the pictures in hand.  Craig says hello and Bryant tells him that he has a venture that is about to pay off. Craig tells him to explain it to him, that he'd love to hear it.  Bryant tells him that he can't talk about it right now.  Craig makes him promise to tell him about it later.  Bryant tells him that he will be the first to know when it pays off.  Craig leaves.

Just after Craig leaves Al's, Jennifer walks in and meets Bryant.  Bryant
tells her that he has good news.  He shows her the pictures of Ruby and
Craig in the car.  She can't believe that Ruby would do that.  They discuss
when they want to use the information against Craig.  Bryant tells her that they should do it soon.  What about now?  Where is Barbara?  They realize that she is with Craig right now and agree that they should confront Barbara and Craig together.  They leave.

Katie is at the garage talking to Henry.  Henry teases her and tells her
that he has information on Simon that she might want to know.  Katie tells
her that she doesn't want to hear any useless information like the last
time.  Henry assures her that she does want to hear this.  He tells her that Simon has been married before.  Katie tells him that she already knew that.  That he told her that that was why he left Australia a few years ago.  Henry tells her that he has actually had 7 fiancÚs and that she is his 5th wife.  He has documents to back it up.  Katie can't believe that he has been married so many times.  Why would Simon do that?  Henry points out that they were all from different countries.  Katie thinks that there has to be something in common with all of them.  There's money.  They are all rich.  Katie, of course, tells Henry that he's married to her and she doesn't have money.  Henry points out that Lily does though.  Katie tells him that he had feelings for her, not her money.  They are discussing things when Simon walks in.  He recognizes Henry as the pregnant lady in the doctor's office from when Katie was faking her pregnancy.  He asks Henry why he's here and that he hopes that he leaves soon.  He does also realize that he must be planning something with Katie.  Katie tries to tell Simon that Henry is just visiting.  Henry tries to help her cover and when it doesn't work tells them that he has to leave.  He leaves.  Simon tells Katie that he has some good news.  That Craig has offered him a job.  Katie is excited to hear this and cannot believe it when Simon tells her that they will be moving into Craig's suite at the Lakeview.  Simon tells her that she should go pack but reminds her that they are still roommates and that it doesn't change anything between them - that he is still going to leave.

Craig is back at his suite and finds Barbara waiting there for him.  She was just looking at the documents that Hal had given her.  She tells Craig that she doesn't think that it's going to work out, that they should cancel the wedding.  Craig wants to know what Jennifer has done now.  She tells him that it's not just Jennifer, that it's everything else too.  Craig doesn't
understand but thinks that it must be something that Hal has said.  Barbara is furious because Sierra was there.  Craig apologizes and tells her that he should have warned her that she was coming to Oakdale.  Barbara is outraged that Sierra told her that Craig is still married to her.  Craig tells Barbara that he only found out this morning when Cass came by.  Barbara wants to know why he didn't tell her then.  He tells her that he didn't want to worry her. Barbara also tells him about the documents that Hal has regarding Winston Lowe's death.  That there is reason to think that he was murdered.  Craig tells Barbara that he did not do this.  He takes the papers and rips them up.  He tells her that this is something that happens all the time (medication overdoses) and that it doesn't prove anything.  Barbara tells him that they know that he was in Hong Kong when he died. Barbara tells him that she doesn't know if she can trust him, that she doesn't think that he is honest with her.  He tells her that he wants her to listen to her one more time and then if she still doesn't trust him that they should definitely call everything off.  He tells her that he wouldn't marry her unless he and Sierra's divorce was official, that he didn't know until Cass told him.  And concerning the information from Hal,  Craig insists that it doesn't mean anything because Mai Lin was there along with a million other people.  He is not capable of murder.  Does she really think that he did it???  He tells her that he has done what she's asked, even signed the prenuptial agreement.  Barbara doesn't know what to think anymore, but  does trust him.  He asks her to go away with him so that they can start planning their wedding.  Barbara doesn't think it's a good idea, she doesn't like the idea of leaving Jennifer and Will.  Craig suggested that they take them both along.  Barbara didn't think that this would work either.  Craig pleads with her to go away with him so that they can plan their wedding.

Denise is at Java underground with Isaac and is warming up when there is a phone call.  It's for Denise from a dance studio in Chicago.  They want her to dance for them and want her to be in Chicago by tomorrow.  Denise
basically tells them that she has to decline and hangs up.  Isaac asks her
what they wanted and why did she decline.  Denise comes up with a ton of
excuses as to why she can't take the job offer.  Hope is having a great time at her preschool and wouldn't like it if they had to leave, what about Andy and if he comes back from Seattle?  What about Hope's grandparents?  Isaac tells her that they can all visit them in Chicago or she can come back to Oakdale for a visit too.  He urges her to take this opportunity.  It's a once in a lifetime chance.  She tells him that she actually forgot about the audition.  He asks her when she had time to do that.  She tells him that she took his advice and made time to do something for herself.  He talks her into taking the job.  She calls back the dance studio and they still have the opening and will be expecting her tomorrow.  After hanging up the phone, Denise asks Isaac for a favor.  She wants him to tell Ben goodbye for her.  She feels uncomfortable and doesn't know what to say to him.  Isaac tells her that he will do that for her.  Denise leaves.

Jennifer and Bryant arrive at Craig's suite and knock on the door.

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