As The World Turns Update Wednesday 4/11/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 4/11/01

By  Laurie

Carly goes home to find her door unlocked. She goes in with her pepper
spray and calls out Jacks name. Craig is hiding and he comes out startling
her. He says he is hiding out from Barbara and Sierra. He tells Carly that
his wedding is on hold, because he is married to Sierra. As they talk, he
says that they should run away together. She says she cant and he then
accuses her of still being in love with Jack. He then reminds her that Jack's
just waiting for his wacky wife to be released from the psych ward. Carly
tells him that Jack has changed his mind and is going to file for divorce.
Carly then calls Jack's answering machine to leave a message and lights a
candle for him in her window.

Sierra knocks on Craig's door, but there is no answer. Barbara comes up and
is surprised that she is there. She asks her what she wants and Sierra just
tells her that she has unfinished business. Barbara argues with her and says
that Sierra must want Craig back. Sierra only smiles and then tells her that
she and Craig are not divorced. Barbara is stunned and can't believe it. She
then thinks that Sierra is only after Craig now. Sierra goes on to point out
many of Craig's faults and advises her that he's only interested in her
money. Barbara says that Craig is a changed man and says that he is her man,
not Sierra's.

While out with Margo, Hal is handed a report from Hong Kong that contains the
first autopsy report on Winston. Margo can't believe that Hal is still after
her brother. Hal tells Margo that the man died from an overdose of heart
medication and claims that it points directly at Craig as the murderer. Margo
quickly defends her brother saying that the overdose could be accidental
because many people have done that. Hal then runs to Barbara with the report
and advises her that her future husband is a murderer.

Ruby and Gabe trick Bryant into agreeing to continue with their plans to trap
Craig. When they finally catch Craig coming to his car, Ruby jumps in,
removes her coat to reveal she's wearing nothing. As she kisses him, Gabe
snaps one photo after another while Bryant stares in disbelief. Craig pushed
Ruby out of the car and Ruby goes back to the van where Gabe and Bryant are
waiting. She laughs and Gabe says he has everything he needs. Bryant is just
surprised at what just happened.
~The End

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