As The World Turns Update Tuesday 4/10/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 4/10/01

By Kim

Carly is getting Parker ready to spend the day with Hal. Hal knocks on the
door and has a new toy for Parker. Hal mentions to Carly that Jack has left
town. He further tells her that this is unusual for Jack as he didn't leave
any notice, but he left a note. Carly tells him that she does not want to
hear it. Hal asks her why Jack would leave town with Julia being in the
hospital. Carly tells him that she doesn't know. Carly reads the note and
tells Hal that it's vague. That he wanted to let her know that he needed to
do some thinking. Hal asks to see the note. Carly tells him that he can,
there's nothing personal in the note. Hal reads it and tells her that he
must be okay. Carly tells Hal that Jack still has Julia. He is going to
stay married to her. Hal tells her that she is the only one that he wrote
the note to. Carly tells him that something big must have happened. Hal
takes Parker and tells Carly to call him if she hears from Jack. After Hal
leaves, she picks up the note and tells herself that she may not have the
answers, but she knows who does.

Gabriel and Ruby are getting ready to show Bryant what they have on Craig.
They are arguing about what happened and Ruby assures him that they should
have enough. They play the tape before Bryant arrives and realize that they
have been had. Somehow, Craig switched the tape. Ruby realizes that she
did leave the room for a minute and he must have done it then. Bryant
arrives and tells them that he hopes that they didn't set up the sting yet,
because it's off. He tells them that they need to get him results. He
tells them if they can't do that for him, he'll think of something else.
They tell Bryant that Ruby will do what she can to get something they can
use. Bryant to tells them to be careful because this could be their last
chance. They aren't really telling him what he wants to hear and he
confronts them and asks them why he feels like they are conning him right
now. Bryant leaves and Gabriel tells Ruby that he will not lose his one
shot at Lucinda Walsh.

Julia is sitting in the hospital when Carly comes into the outer room and
gets caught by Dr. Michaels. She tells Dr. Michaels that she only wants to
talk to Julia - she can even stand there and watch. Julia hears the
commotion and tells Dr. Michaels that she wants to talk to Carly. Dr.
Michaels questions Julia to make sure that she really wants to do this. She
reluctantly allows Carly to see Julia but tells her that she will be
watching very closely. Julia tells Carly that she should bring candy or
flowers next time...that maybe she will have an easier time getting in to
see her. Julia looks at Carly and tells her that both of them know why she
is here. She tells her that Jack told her he wanted a divorce and now she
shows up. Carly is surprised by this. She asks if Jack told her that.
Julia tells her that he did , but not in so many words. Carly tells Julia
that she is lying. That Jack asked her and she told him that he couldn't
have the divorce. Julia asks Carly if she is going to beat the details out
of her. Carly tells Julia that she knows that Jack has left town. Julia is
the one who is surprised this time. She tells Julia that Hal said he was
worried about Jack. Maybe he is in trouble. Julia tells Carly that she
thought he was available, but Jack told her the truth. That she is in the
hospital because of him. She asks Carly about the note. It didn't contain
a sonnet. Carly asks her what message he left for her. She tells Carly
that it was the one that she got when Carly walked in the door. Julia tells
him that her husband is making it very clear to her that he can live without
Carly. And that is exactly what he is planning to do. Carly tells her that
she hates to disappoint her, but he left because he needed time to get rid
of his screwball wife. Julia tells her no. That Jack didn't go running to
Carly, so she can expect him to come back to her any time. Carly sees that
Dr. Michaels wants her to leave and says goodbye to Julia. Julia tells her
that she is crazy "like a fox." Julia sits down in a chair. Dr. Michaels
comes in and tells her that she looks pretty chipper. Julia tells her that
she has just gotten wonderful news. Dr. Michaels is surprised that it came
from Carly. Julia tells her that Jack left Carly for her. Dr. Michaels is
shocked that she said this and tells Julia that they will work on Julia.
Julia tells her that she will concentrate on herself.

Craig is in his suite when Barbara arrives. He tells her that her timing
couldn't be more perfect. The wedding planner just dropped off a ton of
things for their wedding. They have catalogs of flowers, invitations, etc.
to go over. Barbara tells him that she doesn't think that she can marry
him. Craig asks her what it is this time. Is it Hal? Barbara tells him
that it isn't Hal. She and Jennifer had another argument. Craig asks what
it's about this time. She tells him that it's more of the same and that
Jennifer won't accept their marriage. Craig tells her that they will work
it out. Barbara asks him how. What if there is only one way to work things
out? (meaning not getting married) She is her mother and she isn't taking
care of her children. Craig tells her that he wants to spend his life with
her. They will find a way to work things out. Barbara tells him that
nothing will make Jennifer happy except the two of them apart. Craig asks
her what Jennifer really knows. Barbara tells him that she really hasn't
had time to get him acquainted with her children. She asks him what they
should do? Postpone the wedding? Craig tells her that she should ask
Jennifer to be in the wedding. Barbara asks him if he is going to use the
same advice with his son. He tells her that he has tried. He will jump
through hoops to marry her. Barbara asks Craig what will happen if Jennifer
doesn't want to be in the wedding. He tells her that they will call off the
wedding. Barbara calls Jennifer and apologizes about yesterday. She tells
her that she wants to meet her. Jennifer agrees to meet her at the diner.
Cass comes in and tells Craig that he has bad news. Barbara walks into the
room and leaves to meet Jennifer. Craig asks Cass about the bad news. He
tells him that he can't get married. Craig tells him that he can. Cass
tells him that he is still married to Sierra. Craig tells him that he
signed the papers 10 months ago and he has the papers to prove it. The
papers don't have her signature. Craig tells Cass that he'll call her and
get this straightened out. Cass tells him not to bother as she is already on
her way to Oakdale. Craig tells him that he needs to marry Barbara so that
he can pay off Bryant. He asks Cass what he should do. Cass tells him to
run and that he is, by far, his most favorite client.

Jennifer gets a call from Barbara and agrees to meet with her. Bryant meets
Jennifer at the diner. He shows her the pictures of Craig and Ruby.
Jennifer doesn't think that the pictures are going to be enough. He tells
her that they are working on another plan. Jennifer tells him that she
wants them to wait. She is meeting Barbara and it sounds like she wants to
make things better and actually listen to her. Barbara walks in, Bryant
says hello and then leaves to meet Gabriel and Ruby. Barbara apologizes to
Jennifer about everything that has happened. She tells her that she has
accepted the fact that the problem she has with Craig isn't a phase that she
is going through and that she hasn't really taken her feelings into
consideration. She asks Jennifer if she wants her to be happy. Jennifer
tells her that she does want her to be happy. Barbara tells her that she
has been treating Jennifer like a girl and not a woman and wants to have a
conversation with her woman to woman. She tells her that she wants her
daughter back and wants to include her in her plans. Barbara tells her that
she doesn't have to approve but that maybe they can compromise. Jennifer
asks how. Barbara tells her that she and Hal have agreed that she doesn't
have to live at the house with Barbara and Craig. Barbara tells Jennifer
that Craig isn't so bad. Jennifer tells her that he is a very bad human
being and the last man on earth who deserves Barbara. Barbara asks her if
they can at least agree to disagree. She wants Jennifer to be her Maid of
Honor in the wedding. Jennifer is outraged at this. Barbara wants her to
tell her if this is a bad idea. Jennifer does not like this at all.
Barbara tells her that she was missing something in her life and Craig has
admired and understood her and has given her back love, passion and joy.
Jennifer tells her that this is all just an act. Barbara tells her that she
told Craig that if Jennifer didn't approve that she wouldn't marry him.
Jennifer was surprised by this and asked her what Craig said. She tells
Jennifer that he's agreed. That's how much he really loves Barbara.
Jennifer likes this and tells Barbara that she can use her phone. Barbara
asks her what for. She tells her that she said she'd call the wedding off.
She wants to call him right now and tell him. Barbara tells her that Craig
is her heart and soul and this is all she has to say?? Barbara is outraged
at the way Jennifer has reacted and storms out the door.

Sierra arrives at Craig's suite and is knocking on the door and calling out
to Craig. He doesn't answer and she keeps knocking telling him that she
needs to talk to him.

Carly comes home and finds her door ajar. She swears that she locked it
when she left. She walks in and calls out to Jack, thinking that he is the
one who broke in. She is surprised to find Craig there and asks what he
wants. He tells her that he wants sanctuary.

The End


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