As The World Turns Update Monday 4/9/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 4/9/01

By Laurie

Ruby goes to Craig's suite and tries to seduce him. He kisses her and she
tells him to make love to her. She then asks him if he's marrying Barbara for
her money. He admits it and she smiles. He is suspicious of her and he spills
a drink on her. She screams and says its a new skirt. He suggests she go into
the bathroom and put cold water on it. She leaves and while she heads into
the bathroom to dry out, he finds she has a tape recorder in her purse and is
taping their conversation. He takes the tape out, replacing it with one of
his own. When Ruby comes back, he tells her to leave.

Adam and Abigail area t Mabels for lunch and they talk about proms and how
horrible they are. Adam says his prom is at the Lakeview and Abigail says
hers is at the Java Underground. They compare the two proms to decide which
one is worse. Adam then asks Abigail if she would go with him to both. She
agrees. Jennifer comes to join them and she says she is sorry for not keeping
in touch with Abigail. She says she's been having a hard time and she tells
Adam that her Mom is marrying Craig. Adam offers for her to stay with him at
Margo and Toms house if she wants. She says she can't wait until she is
finished with High School so she can do what ever she wants when she wants.

Ben and Isaac introduce Lien to Jake and ask him for help trying to get
inside information on Leo Thompson. They want Curtis's natural father will
give up his rights to his son so that Ben can adopt him. Lien rushes to us
the phone and Jake notices that she never put change in and never dialed. He
keeps an eye on her and she appears to be dizzy and not feeling well. He gets
concerned and he goes over to her and mentions to her that it looks like
she's not feeling well. She says she is fine and tells him to mind his own
business but he encourages to seek help from Ben.

In the psych ward Jack and Julia argue. She gets really irate and yells at
him that he always is concerned about Carly and not her. She says she is
there because of Carly. He doesn't believe that she is really sick and she
tells him that she is tired of him accusing her. Tired of arguing with her,
Jack announces that he's through with her and is going to file for divorce.
Julia pretends to faint and finally comes to and starts crying. She hopes it
changes his mind. Of course it doesn't works and she says that she won't give
him a divorce and if she tries to go though with one, she promises to go
public with their dirty laundry if he does.



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