As The World Turns Update Friday 4/6/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 4/6/01

By Laurie

Jennifer comes down to breakfast and Barbara wants to make pancakes. Jennifer
is very upset when Barbara shows off the huge engagement ring and announces
that she accepted Craig's marriage proposal. Jennifer says that she's not
going to live with Craig. Hal shows up and tries to calm Jennifer down. She
doesn't want to hear any of it. She and Wil leave and Hal stays behind to
talk to Barbara about Jennifer's behavior. He tells her that he saw her at
Yo's drinking. Barbara gets defensive asking him if he is accusing her of not
being a fit parent. He says that they need to come to some sort of agreement
with the kids once she marries Craig. Barbara suggests to Hal that he buy her
house and then move in once she and Craig are married. He agrees saying it
will be good for him and Parker to have a more permanent house.

Dr. Michaels asks Jack why he didn't visit with Julia the day before and then
asks him about his relationship with Carly. He says that there is nothing
anymore, but it comes down to Julia and he wonders if she is lying about
being mentally ill. He enters the psych ward where Julia quickly runs to him.
Meeting Jack, one of the women there says that he's cute and can understand
why Julia got pregnant to hold onto him. Seeing how shocked Jack is, Julia
quickly downplays the ravings of a crazy woman and then starts to blame
things on Carly. She then becomes hysterical. Jack stops her and announces
that Carly has ended things with him, vowing never to see him again. Julia
goes to her group counseling and Jack waits for her. Bob shows up and talks
to Jack. Bob tells Jack that Julia claimed she got pregnant on purpose
because he wanted to start a family. Jack tells Bob that wasn't true and that
Julia said it was unplanned. He then confronts Julia when she comes out of
her group meeting and asks her about it. She denies it and he accuses her of
faking her mental illness.

Carly goes to Craig's suite and gets angry at him about where he got he money
to buy Barbara's ring. She thinks he spend the money she gave him to pay his
debts to buy the ring.  He insists that it's his grandmother's ring. She
believes him and says she can't stand it when he's honest. She then tells him
that Julia has admitted to her that she killed Flashdance.

Gabe hands Bryant the photos of Craig with Ruby but Bryant claims this is not
enough to end the engagement. He says his dad can talk his way out of
anything and if there wasn't something for incriminating, then it was
pointless. Gabe then orders Ruby to trick Craig into admitting on tape that
he's marrying Barbara for her money. She goes to Craig's suite and apologizes
for her behavior the day before. She says she hopes Barbara understood and
she gets ready to leave. Craig invites her inside.

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