As The World Turns Update Wednesday 4/4/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 4/4/01

By  Laurie

Holden tells Rose that he and Lily talked about the letter and decided to get
past it. Rose is hurt when he says that they burned the letter so that they
could move on with their lives. She gets ready to leave and he grabs her and
they hug. He doesn't see her crying. Lucinda is at Lily's and they talk about
Holden coming home and that they burned the letter. Lucinda is happy for her
daughter and wishes her well. Rose comes over to Lily's and apologizes for
planting the letter. She says that she accepts Lily and Holden together and
hopes it works out for the kids. Rose is visibly upset, and Lily tells Rose
not to try to come between Holden and her again.

A naked Simon is on top of Katie and they are about to kiss. Katie thinks
that they are going to make love and Simon quickly jumps off telling her that
he is not stupid enough to fall for it again. Katie tells him that she
doesn't want him to do anything he doesn't want to do and says she's sorry
and to please stay a while longer. He agrees and they start talking about his
past. He then asks her about her past, but she is more interested in his.

Ruby and Gabe watch from the bar, as Craig meets with Cass about Barbara's
prenuptial agreement and is advised that it's ironclad. However, Cass does
confirm that Barbara could voluntarily give him money. Ruby sends Craig a
note to ask him for a moment of his time and then apologizes for the trouble
she caused his son. As she claims that she's trying to turn her life around.
She flirts with him and puts her hands on his lap. Gabe snaps photos of them
together. Craig quickly sees through her tender words and starts laughing at
her claim that she's attracted to him. He finally walks out, upsetting her
and Gabe who urges her to work harder.  Ruby then goes to Craig's suite and
tries again.


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