As The World Turns Update Tuesday 4/3/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 4/3/01

By Kim

Katie is in the garage on the phone with Henry trying get him to help her figure out a way to keep Simon in Oakdale. She tells him that he never came home last night after working at Java Underground. As she is on the phone with Henry, Simon walks in the door. She hangs up with Henry and asks Simon where he was. He tells her that he worked late and ended up crashing in the back room at Java Underground last night. He tells her that he just came home to get his stuff and then he is leaving. Katie, trying to come up with anything to get him to stay, asks him what he is going to do about the debt he owes Isaac for bailing him out of jail. Simon tells her that last night's work paid off the debt in full. He tells her that he is leaving so that he can start over. Katie asks him why he has to leave today. What about his wife? How is it going to be explained to the INS? He tells her that if they get an annulment, she can start over with a clean slate. She asks him to listen to what she has to say before he leaves. He doesn't want to, but she pleads with him to listen to her. She tells him that she wants to tell him about himself. He tells her that she has 2 minutes to talk. She tells him that he has been in a dark mood, evasive and brooding since he has been married to Katie. She tells him that even if he packs his toys and leaves town, he will be miserable wherever he goes. He has survived being stranded on an island, etc. Simon tells her that she has made her point and smiles. Katie notices the smile and tells him that the only time she has seen him smile is he was with her. Katie tells him that if he had only listened to her in the beginning, it would have saved him alot of heartbreak. She made him dinner, fixed up the apartment and bought him the guitar. He tells her that he never asked for anything, but told her that she should live her life. She tells him that she made the apartment livable and stood by him because she wanted to. He tells her that she took a less than perfect situation and made it liveable. She gets upset with him and tells him to go. He should just leave Oakdale and take his attitude with him. Simon agrees that the fun he has had in Oakdale has been with her. He tells her that they both deserve better. He just wants to leave. She tells him that she will admit that she was a brat if he admits to being a downer. She tells him that she wants to spend their last few hours together to celebrate the times that weren't so bad. Simon likes the idea and he has a few hours to spare. He tells her he needs to take a shower and that she can plan things. As he goes into the bathroom for the shower, Katie mumbles that this is her specialty. Katie ends up filling the entire apartment with balloons and is blowing some up as Simon comes out of the bathroom. Simon can't believe all the balloons. Katie tells him that it took a lot to blow up so many balloons in the time it took him to take his shower. She tells him that he should release his inner child. She hits him with a balloon and they begin hitting each other and chasing each other around the room. Katie ends up pulling off Simon's towel. They end laying on the couch with Simon on top. He asks her what they are supposed to do now that he's released his inner child. Katie tells him that she doesn't know. They both realize that it could lead to sex and Simon tells her that he is still leaving town.
Jennifer is in the kitchen making breakfast for Will. She puts his breakfast on the table and Will complains as it looks horrible. Will heads for the door and tells Jennifer that he will get something from the cafeteria. Bryant comes in just as Will leaves. He asks Jennifer what is wrong. She tells him that her mom left at the crack of dawn to see Craig. She has had to make breakfast for Will, do the dishes and be there for Will. She tells him that her mom is off making wedding plans with Craig. Bryant tells her that he is going to make this right, that it's time that his dad gets what's coming to him. Jen doesn't see how he is going to do this. He tells her that they have to go for his weakness. Women. He and Gabriel have a plan to get Craig. Jennifer doesn't want Bryant to be involved with Gabirel and Ruby. She tells Bryant that she is going to talk to Craig herself. Bryant tells her that if that doesn't work then they should try the other plan that he has with Gabriel. Jennifer agrees. Bryant offers to drive her to the Lakeview.
Craig and Barbara are in his suite. Barbara came over to work out wedding plans with Craig. They ended up sleeping together. Barbara asks him to get the guest list out of her purse while she gets dressed. Craig pulls out the list and the prenuptual agreement came out with it. He immediately calls Cass Winthrop. He wants Cass to look at the agreement to see if there are any holes. He tells Cass that he should be able to fax it to him later in the day. He hangs up and Barbara comes back in the room. She tells him that she wants a simple ceremony with family and a few friends. Julia and Lisa will stand up for her. Craig is surprised at this and asks her if she knows about Julia. Barbara is surprised to hear about Julia being committed. She tells him that she must be worse off than anyone knew. She tells Craig that she wants to go see Julia as soon as possible. Craig apologizes that she had to hear about Julia this way. Craig mentions the prenuptual agreement. Barbara tells him that she didn't mention it because she didn't want to force it on him. She leaves the agreement with Craig and then leaves. As she is walking out the door she tells Craig that she loves him. Craig calls Cass and asks him to meet in about 20 minutes in the bar. He tells him that he has worked too hard to have it blow up in his face.
Gabriel and Ruby are in the lobby of the Lakeview. Ruby tells Gabriel that their plan is risky, that Craig can smell a scam a mile away. Gabriel tells her to relax. They have planned for every possibility. Bryant sees Gabriel and asks him what he and Ruby are doing there. He tells Bryant that their plan is in motion and asks Bryant why he is there. Bryant tells him that he gave Jennifer a ride and that she was here to see his dad.
Jennifer walks into Craig's suite just as he is leaving to meet Cass. Craig is surprised to see her. Jennifer tells him that she wants to talk to him about marrying her mother. She tells him that she will do everything in her power to make the two of them miserable. She tells him that her mother made a big deal about living up to her expectations. Craig asks her what that is. Jennifer tells him that Barbara told her to save herself for the right man, but if she marries him, all bets are off. She tells him that he's probably heard that she told Barbara that she is going to move out and live on her own. But that's only the beginning. Craig thinks she is impetuous to think that Barbara is going to cancel her own wedding. She tells him that the two of them don't care how everyone else will be affected. He is not her family, and he never will be. She had a family until he came back to town. Craig tells her that he knows that she is angry, but that she doesn't know the whole story. Jennifer tells him that she isn't dumb. She knows what's going on. That he is going after her mother for her assets. He tells her that Barbara's biggest one is her generous spirit. Jennifer tells him that he is not going to get away this. She and Bryant will do whatever they have to.  
Julia is trying to read a book and snaps at the man sitting next to her.  He is reading a magazine and is turning the page quite loudly.  She tells him to go somewhere else.  He leaves and a woman comes over and introduces herself to Julia.  She tells her that her name is Trudy and wants to know what Julia did to get locked up into their little nut cluster.  Julia sees Barbara and Lisa come in and tells Trudy that she has visitors and rushes over to them.  Trudy follows and Barbara tells her that she and Lisa are here to visit their friend.  Trudy goes and sits down in a chair close enough to the three of them to hear the conversation.  Lisa asks Julia how they are treating her.  Julia says that it's okay.  She tells them that she did everything for her marriage - Jack's wife...the burden.  She tells them that Carly snuck in and attacked her, but that brought Jack back to her.  As soon as he found out, he came to make sure that she was okay.  Barbara realizes that Julia is fighting not to lose Jack.  She tells Julia that maybe she should cut her losses and just walk away.  Julia is outraged that Barbara would even suggest that and tells her no.  Barbara tells her that she got pregnant to keep Jack and now she's in a mental hospital.  How does she think this is going to turn out?  Julia tells Barbara that she is supposed to be her best friend and asks why she is accusing her.  Barbara tells her that she didn't mean to imply anything.  Then tells her that she wants both Julia and Lisa to stand up for her in her wedding to Craig.  Julia cannot believe that she wants to marry Craig.  The nurse comes over to tell Julia that she has a session.  Barbara and Lisa leave and tell Julia to do what the doctors tell her to do and then everything will be okay.  After they leave, Julia asks the nurse if she remembers the woman with the dark hair (meaning Barbara).  She tells the nurse that her name is Barbara Ryan and that she does not want to see her.  She asks the nurse to tell her that she doesn't want any visitors and to tell only Barbara that when she comes to visit. 
Bryant is talking to Gabriel and Ruby and is questioning them about the job.  Gabriel tells him that Ruby is perfectly capable of handling the job.  She is going to use the situation with Isaac to get close to Craig.  Barbara and Lisa walk into the Lakeview and don't notice Bryant talking to them.  He sees them and tells Gabriel and Ruby that if they see the three of them talking, all is lost.  He tells them that he is going to go upstairs and get Jennifer and then leave.
Craig tells Jennifer that he thought that it was only her involved in everything.  She tells him that it is, but that Bryant sees what he has done to her family and he hates it.  Craig tells her that he wasn't the one that broke up the family, that he thinks Hal was the one that did that.  Craig asks Jennifer if she remembers the car accident last summer.  How does she think her mother felt about the way she was treated by Hal?  Jennifer is upset and tells him that she can't believe that he is trying to blame everything on her.  Bryant warned her that he would turn everything against her.  She tells Craig that she hates him and that he is a horrible bastard.  Bryant knocks on the door and rushes to Jennifer the second it's opened.  He asks if she is okay and wants to know what Craig said.  Jennifer is crying and tells him that he was right, that Craig was going to blame her for her parents break up.  Craig interjects and tells them that she misunderstood.  Bryant cuts him off and tells him to stop it.  They leave.  As the door closes, Jennifer tells Bryant that Craig is an evil, evil man and he will never forgive him.
They go downstairs and meet up with Gabriel and Ruby.  Bryant tells her to wait in the car.  He then tells them to go ahead with their plans.  And then leaves.  Gabriel tells Ruby that everything is in place, her outfit is perfect.  The curtain is up, the audience has been seated (Craig has been seated for his meeting with Cass) and that she is about to give the performance of her life.
The end.


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