As The World Turns Update Friday 3/30/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 3/30/01

By Laurie

Rose tells Joe that she put the love letter Holden wrote in Lily's purse. Joe tells her that Holden will never forgive Rose. Rose wants to spoil his with Lily, but knows that it probably won't happen. Still stuck in the ditch, Holden and Lily make love. They decide to give their marriage another chance. The police arrive and ask if they need help. Holden asks for a tow truck and the police officer calls Emma's house and gets Joe on the phone. Joe tells him that he will go get them himself. Rose hears this and begs Joe to get the love letter out of Lily's purse before she sees it. Joe comes back after helping Lily and Holden and tells Rose that he couldn't get the letter. Later, Lily finds the love letter in her purse just as Holden giving Rose the bad news that he's going back to Lily.

Barbara tells Kim that she is engages to Craig. Kim is not pleased and asks her what she is planning on doing because Barbara tells her that things have come to a stop for the time being. She tells her about the prenuptial agreement and how Craig won't sign one. The doorbell rings and Barbara goes out side to see a band outside her door with Craig apologizing to her.

Carly disguises herself as a candy striper to get into the psych ward at the hospital. She accuses Julia of using this ploy to keep Jack as her husband. Julia tells her that she killed Flashdance, Carly's horse. Carly doesn't believe it but is shocked when Julia takes great pleasure in describing how she opened 150 pills and then gave the contents to the horse. When she reveals that Jack knows the truth and is protecting her, Carly loses control and tries to strangle her. With an orderly pulling her off a crying Julia, Carly loudly yells that she'll kill Julia for what she has done. As Carly is dragged out, Julia suddenly stops crying and smiles at her. Carly ends up at the police station and she tells Margo and Hal that Julia is dangerous.


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