As The World Turns Update Wednesday 3/28/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 3/28/01

By  Laurie

Tom tells Lucinda that he can't find anything to keep Craig in jail. Lucinda realizes that she can change the due date of the "loan" on Bryant's trust. That will force him to repay the money he "borrowed" by Bryant's 21st Birthday. Bryant agrees with Lucinda's plan and Tom can't believe that he did that. Lucinda goes to Craig's suite and tells him that she's changing the due date, giving him just 90 days to repay the money. He tells her he is leaving and she better not follow him.

Carly tells Margo that she gave Craig the money he needed. Margo is very relieved by that and thinks everything will be OK. Craig tells Cass that even though he has the money to pay his debt, the syndicate is not answering his calls. Craig finally gets a call instructing him to bring the money to the old mill. Craig gives the man the briefcase and the man tells him it's not enough. Craig tells him that all the money is there and the man says there is a late fee. Craig tells him that there must be a misunderstanding and the man pulls out a gun and shoots Craig.

Mary persuades Molly to let her do some of the housework now that she's been hired as the nanny. Molly doesn't feel comfortable yet letting someone do all the work. Carly comes to visit with a bunch of wedding magazines and Molly asks Carly to design her wedding gown. Carly agrees and is thrilled when Molly asks her to be her maid of honor. Molly asks Carly about Jack. Carly tells her that there is no Jack. Carly tells Molly that she gave Craig her insurance money. Molly is shocked and asks Carly if she has feelings for Craig. Carly denies it. Molly realizes that one of the twins left her favorite toy and will have a fit if she doesn't have it. Mary offers to take the toy to Jake. Molly tells her that Jake is at the park with the twins and Mary should call him there. When Mary calls, she finds out that Jake is not at the park, but Java Underground. Mary says she will be there.

Meanwhile, at the Java Underground, Jake asks Isaac to be his best man. Isaac happily accepts. Mary comes and gives Jake the toy. He thanks her and tells her that he will tell Molly that he was there when he gets home. She says OK, and offers to take the twins to the park. When they all get back home, Jake's surprised when Mary covers for him and lies to Molly about finding him and the twins with Isaac at the bar.

Barbara thanks Hal for persuading Jennifer not to move out and then is forced to reveal that the engagement is off because Craig won't sign a prenuptial agreement. Hal is pleased.

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