As The World Turns Update Tuesday 3/27/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 3/27/01

By Kim

Carly is on the phone with Hal about arranging a time to pick up Parker. She tells Hal that she is working on her new fasion line. Just as she hangs up the phone, there is a knock at the door. It's Jack. He tries to apologize to her after she opens the door, but Carly slams the door in his face. Jack tells her that he isn't going to leave until she sees him. She tells him through the door that he told her that he was going to end his marriage and that she left the candle in the window for him. He left her waiting. He tells her that he isn't going to leave until she agrees to hear him out. Everything goes quiet and Carly starts calling for Jack. He doesn't answer, so she looks out the window and doesn't see him. She doesn't see him, so she opens the door. He jumps up and she realizes that he tricked her into opening the door. He walks into the apartment and tells her that he is not leaving until she hears what he has to say. He tells her that Julia is in bad shape. Carly doesn't beleive him. He tells her that he told Julia that he doesn't love her. Carly, surprised, asks him if he really did, did he tell her that he wanted a divorce? Jack tells her no, that Julia is sick. He tells her that he wants to do this right so that she isn't hurt anymore (Carly). Carly is upset by this. She tells him that he always says that he is going to tell Julia, but then never does. He tells her that he needs time. She replies by telling him that she needs him now, today. She wants him to make her more important than Julia. She tells him that he needs to make a choice, that it should be her. He tells her that she is the one. He will end his marriage to Julia today. He tells her that she is his home, that he will always find his way back to her.

Holden is in the kitchen at the farm when Joe walks in. He apologizes to Joe because he overslept. Joe tells him not to worry about the chores, that they are done. Holden tells Joe to stop bugging him about Rose. He tells Joe that he has no intention of hurting her, but he needs to figure out everything by himself. Holden tells Joe that when he and Rose got involved, he didn't think that there was any hope of Lily coming back. Joe tells him that Rose is like a force of nature. Holden tells him that she is a great person.

Rose and Simon are at Java Underground. She is trying to get information on the conversation that Simon and Lily had last night. Simon tells her that the relationship that he and Lily have is over. He tells her that he has come up with a great plan. He is going to start by letting things cool off and then when Lily least expects it, he's going to leave town so that she can start getting on with her life with Holden. Rose asks him if he is just going to give up on everything. He tells her that he is just giving Lily what she wants. Rose asks him if Lily told him that. She also tells him that he can't give up on her now, that it's obvious that he still loves her.

He tells her that it isn't going to happen and that he is going to give her what she wants. Rose tells him to fight for her. He asks her who she is trying to kid. Rose tells him that she is not going to let Lily have Holden back. Simon tells her that he is not interested in her problem of trying to hang on to Holden. She shows Simon the letter that Holden wrote her when he thought that she was Lily. She tells him that Lily can't see that. She tells him that if he doesn't want to hurt her, he can change her mind. She tells him that if they give up now, they may never have the chance to be happy again. Rose tells him she has to leave and Simon calls Holden.

Joe and Holden's conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Simon. He wants to meet with Holden. He tells Holden that he saw Lily and that he has information that Holden doesn't know about.

Katie pays a visit to Lily. Katie tells Lily that she knows that she is not her favorite person. Lily asks her what she wants. Katie tells her that she wants information about Simon. She figures that they spent so much time together on the island that he must have shared information about his life with Lily. She'd like to get in touch with Simon's family. Lily wants to know why. Katie tells her that she doesn't know anything about him, the friends he has, any ex girlfriends, etc. Katie asks Lily to tell her about Simon's past girlfriends. She realizes by the way Lily acted that she doesn't know any more than Katie. Lily asks her why she's trying to dig up dirt on Simon. If he wanted her to know, he would have told her. She tells Katie to get a life. Lily tells her that she is like a virus, that she's a menace. She tells her that she is going to stop this. Katie tells Lily that she is a wimp. She doesn't love either Holden or Simon enough to fight. Katie and Lily start to fight, and Lily pushes her down in the dirt. Katie tells Lily that when Simon was in jail, she didn't do anything to help him. She went off to find herself. (my local news station broke into programming here, so I am missing just a little bit of their conversation.) Katie and Lily are still arguing and Lily takes the garden hose and sprays Katie. Lily tells Katie that she told Simon it was over, but she will still do everything in her power to make sure that he is free from Katie. Katie is excited that Lily told Simon that it was over. She thinks that he will now be dedicated to their marriage. Lily tells her that she shouldn't count her chickens yet. Katie tells her that she (Lily) was the only reason that he wasn't committed to their marriage. Lily reminds her that she is the only reason that they got married in the first place.

Jack and Julia are at the hospital to commit Julia. Jack tells her that after today, they will no longer be together. Julia tells him that maybe they can do couples therapy. She tells him that she is not crazy. He tells her that she is not there to save their marriage, that she is there to save herself. Julia tells him that she can't do this without him. Dr. Michaels comes in and Julia tells her that she is reconsidering the whole thing. Dr. Michaels tells her that she may be anxious, but that she believes this will be a good setting for her. Julia tells her that this was Jack's idea, not hers. Dr. Michaels is surprised as she thought that this was Julia's decision. Jack explains that they reached this decision together. She tells him that she wants to go home with him. Jack tells her that he will take her home, but he won't be staying there with her. He also reminds her that the option of committing herself is the best thing. That Hal would arrest her for the murder of the horse and everything she did to get the extra sleeping pills. Julia decides that she will stay becuase she wants to be a good wife again. A nurse arrives with the paperwork and Dr. Michaels asks her to go over the paperwork with Julia. She then takes Jack into the hallway to discuss Julia's situation. She wants to know what brought her to this. Jack explains that Julia left and hitched a ride with a truck driver, etc. He tells her that he told Julia that he doesn't love her any more and that Julia didn't want to hear that. Dr. Michaels tells him that Julia is hoping to regain his love. He tells her that it isn't going to happen. It's his fault and that he has to make it right. Dr. Michaels asks him how he is going to do that. He tells her that he is getting Julia the help that she needs and he is going to end his marriage as soon as possible. Dr. Michaels tells him that he can't do that. He tells her that he can't be expected to keep faking it. Dr. Michaels tells him that timing is everything. That abandoning Julia could be catastrophic. She tells him that Julia has no remorse for her actions and that if she was released, she could do something worse. Jack wants to know what she wants him to do. She tells him that she needs a couple of weeks. He reluctantly agrees. They go back in to see Julia. (she has been listening to their conversation at the door the entire time they were talking) She tells Jack that the best thing that she can do is to work hard and become the woman he used to know. She tells him that there are casseroles in the freezer for him and that he will need to pick up the dry cleaning. She also asks him to hold her wedding/engagement rings as she can't wear them there. She tells him that everything is going to work out and asks him if he will come see her.

Holden arrives at Java Underground to speak with Simon. He tells Simon to get on with it. Simon tells him that he saw Lily and she told him that there is no future for the two of them. Holden tells him that he already knows this. Simon tells him that she wants her life back with Holden. Holden tells Simon that he doesn't need his advice on what he should do. Simon insists that he and Lily never slept together on the island and that what he saw the day he found them was as far as it got. He gives Holden a bottle of scotch. Holden asks what it is for. Simon tells him that it is a reminder. He tells him that Holden gave him the scotch as a reminder about Katie. He tells Holden to stop blaming Lily. He tells him that he never left Lily for Katie. Simon asks if he is going to leave her for Rose. Holden tells him that it is none of his business. Simon tells Holden to wake up, that the life he wanted back is there for the taking. Holden thanks him for the scotch and leaves. Rose sees Holden leave and rushes in to ask Simon what Holden said.

Carly is on the phone with Hal asking him to keep Parker overnight. She is busy arranging the table for dinner with Jack. She tells Hal that she doesn't want to jinx her plans so she isn't going to tell him what they are. She hangs up the phone and picks up the compass that Jack gave her.

Simon comes home from work and sees Katie. He asks her what happened and she tells him that Lily hosed her. He laughs at her and then assures her that everything is over between himself and Lily. Katie takes this news to mean that she and Simon have a chance and tells him that that is the best news she has ever heard. Simon realizes why she said that and tells her that they will never be a real couple. She tells him that now she can have a life of wedded bliss with him. He tells her that after everything she has done to him and for him, he thinks she's sweet, but there will never be anything between them. He tells her that he has decided to leave Oakdale. Katie tells him that he isn't going anywhere.

Carly recieves a call from Jack. She asks him what's wrong. He starts to tell her that things did not go as he planned and she cuts him off, tells him to go to hell and slams the phone down. She is extremely upset by this and throws a potted plant on the floor. Then grabs the champagne bucket and starts smashing the compass that he had given her.

Holden gets back to the farm to find Lily in the kitchen. She tells him that she has gotten a call from one of Luke's teachers. She tells him that there have been some problems on his first day back to school and that the teacher needs to see them both. Rose hears the two of them talking when she enters the porch. She sits down underneath the window and eavesdrops on their conversation. Holden and Lily decide to drive to the school together. Lily tells Holden that she has missed him.



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