As The World Turns Update Monday 3/26/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 3/26/01

By Laurie

Craig is in his hotel suite;  he is near tears and very worried about his money situation. He doesn't see Carly behind him and she can't believe that he is acting this way. She says hello and asks if he is ok. He asks her why she is so concerned He makes and she pulls out the photo of his daughter and what Margo told her about him not having money to repay the people and his family in danger of being killed. Carly then offers Craig her insurance money so that his family will be safe. Craig is shocked as he stares at her insurance check and says she doesn't have to do this. She insists, however and smiles at him quite proud of what she's done.

Rose and Lily meet at the Java Underground. They talk about Lily's return to Oakdale and Rose doesn't like what she hears as Lily explains how she's going to give Holden time to come to get used to the idea of a relationship with her again. Rose "Accidentally" spills her drink on Lily. Rose's plan works as Lily runs into Simon at the bar while seeking club soda for the emergency. Lily apologizes to Simon for her leaving him and offers help with the immigration officials. He announces that not only is he staying in Oakdale, he's also remaining married to Katie. Henry calls Katie and tells her that he's uncovered some news about Simon.

Jake, Molly, Abigail and Adam clean up Jake and Molly's when they are faced with interviewing for a nanny. Jake and Molly interview many nannies and get frustrated when they keep interviewing such weirdos. They try desperately after another as they search for the perfect one to help take care of their twins. As soon as they were going to give up and Molly was thinking of staying home, they meet Mary who happily accepts a two-week trial offer. 

~The End


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