As The World Turns Update Friday 3/23/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 3/23/01

By Laurie

Before dinner, Craig again hands Barbara the ring box and proposes marriage with the warning that he's reached his limit. Barbara finally agrees to marry Craig. However the next argument between the two involves the prenuptial agreement that Barbara wants drawn up to prove to everyone that he's "safe" to marry. Craig's outraged and lays into her for the idea but she resents his angry words and threatens to end their engagement before it's even begun.

As they argue, Gabe and Ruby watch from a nearby table and try to listen. Worried about her brother and his family, Margo confronts Carly and about the insurance money she has pocketed. She explains Craig's predicament and the threats against his innocent children and asks for her help in loaning Craig the money he needs. She leaves a picture as a reminder of what's at stake. Hearing about the slap and the bitter argument, Hal encourages Jennifer not to be too angry with her mother.

Handling the adoption of Curtis, Lien advises Ben that she has found Curtis's father and reports that he is not dead but sitting in prison. Molly's nervous as she and Jake dine out, leaving Abigail to take care of the twins. He suggests they use the evening together to make plans for their wedding. Finding both parents calling to check on the sleeping babies, Abigail connects their calls and assures them both that she is fine as are the girls.


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