As The World Turns Update Wednesday 3/21/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 3/21/01

By  Laurie

Craig tells Cass that he has one week to make a payment or else "they'll" come after his family. He has been getting more threats and calls. Cass tells Craig that an insurance company is ready to settle with Carly for Flashdance's death and suggests that he asks to borrow some money from Carly. Craig says that Carly won't give up any money. Cass tells him that Carly should grateful for his help and that this is his only way out of trouble.

Hal tells Carly that Flashdance died from a drug overdose. From a sleeping pill. She laughs over the idea of a horse doing drugs, and thinks it's ridiculous. He tells her that she will be getting a large sum of money from the insurance company. Hal warns her that Craig's bound to come after her for some of the insurance money. Craig later does come and ask her for it and Carly tells him that he's not getting a penny of it.

Jack confronts Julia about Flashdance and, grabbing her by the wrist, forces her to confess that it was she who drugged the horse and killed it. Julia defends herself saying that she did it because of Carly, but Jack tells her that he'll go to Hal with what he knows and have her arrested if she doesn't get help for herself. Becoming hysterical at hearing the word committed, Julia finally agrees to have herself committed in order to keep from going to jail.

Holden goes to the airport with the kids to go pick up Lily. Luke says he forgot the flowers. Rose shows up at the airport with the flowers. Holden tells her that she should go home but before she can leave, Lily finally does arrive and tells Holden that from the moment she saw him when she got off the plane, she knew that she had made a mistake and wants him back in her life. Rose is crushed and very hurt, but leaves. Lily gives Holden a carved from a piece of driftwood from the Galapagos Islands. Lily suggests that they start from the beginning again. Holden says that he is not sure and that he's not going to drop everything the next time she calls.

Margo goes to Craig's suite and demands to know what is going on with him. He says he is 'clean' and there's nothing to worry about. Margo is not convinced.

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