As The World Turns Update Tuesday 3/20/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 3/20/01

By Kim

Carly wakes up on the couch of her new apartment and realizes that the candle she left in the window had burned down and that Jack never came. She tells herself that she is not going to sit around and wait. Jack does what he always does (meaning that he runs to Julia). Molly knocks on the door. Carly answers thinking that it might be Jack. She realizes that it's Molly and is disappointed. Molly realizes this and tells Carly that she knows that she was expecting Jack. Carly tells her that she is done with Jack. That they are through. Molly asks her what he did this time. Carlly tells her that it really isn't worth discussing. She explains that she fell asleep on the couch waiting for Jack and explains about the burning candle in the window. She tells Molly that all Jack has to do is bat his eyes and she melts. Molly tells her that maybe he has a good explanation on why he didn't come. Carly tells her that it's's ALWAYS Julia. She tells Molly that he promised that things are going to be different with the two of them. She decides that she is never going to be put in this position again. She is not going to base everything that happens to her on the man in her life. Molly tells her that this isn't just any's Jack Snyder. The love of her life! Carly tells Molly that it's over. Her heart is in little pieces and she wants them back. Molly tells her that she wants to help her make it better. Carly tells her that she already has (she gave her the apartment). Molly tells Carly that she has to go but wants to make sure that Carly will be okay. Carly tells her that she will be okay and that she'll take care of herself. Molly leaves. Carly turns to Parker and tells him that it's just the two of them and that they will be okay as they have each other.

Jack and Julia are discussing why she left. Jack wants to know what she meant when she told him that it might have been better if she disappeared. She tells him that she doesn't know. Jack asks her if she had planned on hurting herself. What did she think she would accomplish by taking off like that. Or did she reach some kind of decision? Julia tells him that she could never do that, but she did think about it once. She tells him that she felt really low, that things havee been strained between the two of them for so long. She thought that he'd be happier if she left. Jack tells her that she could have been hurt. He also tells her that he feels like he pushed her into a commitment. She tells him that she wasn't pushed, that it was a whirlwind romance and she loved every minute of it. He tells her that something is missing, that he thinks that they got married too fast. She tells him that she has never been so happy. They day tht he proposed to her, their wedding in Las Vegas, but then there was the pregnancy and her miscarriage. That changed the tone of their relationship, but they can still get the passion back. Jack tells her that it isn't about sex. Julia tells him that she talked to Barbara and that she told him how upset that Jack was. She knows that they have allowed each other to grow apart. She wants him to tell her that he loves her, that they can fix anything. He tells her that he doesn't think that she's been listening to him. He has done everything to help her the last few months. Julia mentions that it's been since the miscarriage. He tells her that it was before then. Things have happened and it worries him. She tells him that it will never happen again. Jack tells her that something has to change. Julia is upset and tells him that Carly has had only one goal when she came back from Hong get Jack back. She tells him that she isn't the one who has changed. She wants to spend her life with him. Jack tells her that he can't give that to her. She tells him that she doesn't understand. He tells her that he has to find some way to tell her and she has to find some way to understand. He tells her that he does not love her any more. He tells her that he wishes in all his heart that he didn't have to say that to her, but he wants to be honest. Julia goes crazy. She tells him that Carly is like poison. Their marriage hasn't even lasted one year. Jack tells her it's over. Julia tells him that someone has to show him. He tells her that she needs someone who can give her what she needs. Julia asks him if he's offering her pity. She tells him that he and Carly created the monster that she is. He tells her that it's time to stop pointing fingers and to do what's right.

Jennifer is in the kitchen when Hal walks in the door. She is surprised to see him. She asks him if anything is wrong. He tells her that he is okay and asks if Barbara is home. She tells him that she is not there, that she went to visit Paul for a few days to think things through. She asks him what's wrong and tells him not to shut her out. He tells her that he doesn't want to put her in the middle of everything. She tells him that she already is and wants to know it it's about Craig. Hal tells her that Barbara may have already made a decision and that she wanted to tell her oldest child about it first. She realizes that it might mean that she and Craig are going to get married. Hal tells her that he thinks that she has decided to marry Craig. Jennifer tells him that she thinks that this is crazy as they just got a divorce. Hal tells her that she tends to do things that are a little extreme. This is an awful time, but they will get through it. He tells her that he will be there for her but wants her to do a favor for him. He wants her to call him when Barbara is home and that she shouldn't tell Barbara what she is doing. He tells her that he will never stop loving Barbara. He tells her he loves her and that he has to go to work. She tells him she loves him. Jennifer picks up the phone and calls Bryant. She leaves him a message to call her when he knocks on the door. He tells her that the charges against him have been dropped thanks to Gabe Frank. She tells him that she is convinced that Craig and Barbara are getting married. They decide to confront him.

Craig is in his suite when breakfast for two is deliverd. He is signing the charge when the waiter tells him that he is instructed to accept only cash for the room service. Craig tells him that that has just cost him his tip. He hands him the check and escorts him out the door. He makes a comment to himself that Barbara had better have a good excuse for not being there. He recieves a phone call from a man that tells him that he needs to meet him at St. Michaels Church and to be there alone. Craig insists to the caller that he tell him what this is about. The caller hangs up on him. He calls the hotel switchboard and tells them that they must trace the call. They tell him that they are unable to do that as it is impossible. He makes a comment to himself that he is a dead man.

Craig walks into the church cautiously. He looks around and opens a confessional door and walks in. He sits down and the window opens. He asks the person who they are and what they want. Craig tells him that he knows that he's late with the payment. First Winston Lowe dies and then Mai Lin double crossed him. Then the horse died. He will make the payments. He is going to marry a woman in the fasion industry and they will get their money soon. He tells the man to leave his x wife, son, and daughter out of this. Spare them, please don't hurt his children. If they havr to kill someone, kill him. The man points a gun at Craig. He pleads with the man to give him one full week - just 7 more days. That they will lose it all if they kill him now. Just don't hurt people who have nothing to do with this. The man tells him that he has one week and then leaves. Craig exits the confessional and leaves.

Bryant and Jennifer are at the front desk of the Lakeview looking for Craig when Craig walks in. Bryant asks him where Jen's mom is. Jennifer asks him if the two of them are getting married. Craig wants to know who told her. Jennifer tells him to answer the question. He tells them that a proposal is on the table and being considered. Bryant is upset and tells Craig that he just takes whatever he wants. He tells him that he cares more about Bryant and his sister than he will ever know. Jennifer tells him that he makes her sick. Craig leaves and Bryant apologizes to Jennifer for Craig.

Hal is at the station when the medical examiner walks in with the paperwork from Flashdance's autopsy. It proves that the horse actually had a drug overdose. Hal doesn't understand how someone could have gotten in to inject the drugs into the horse. The autopsy concluded that it wasn't injected, it was in the horses food. Hal has a very short list of suspects....only one person. He goes to visit Jack. Jack answers the door and Hal realizes that he's interrupted. Jack asks him what he wants. Julia runs upstairs. Hal tells him that he's recived the report on the horse's death. That Flashdance didn't die of natural causes, not by a long shot. He tells him that he thinks that Craig murdered the horse. Jack asks him why Craig would do that when he stood to make a fortune. Hal tells him that he couldn't get his hands on it..that it was left to Carly and then it was impounded by the police. Jack asks about the insurance policy - if there was one on the horse. Hal tells him that there was one. He says that they are waiting for the documents about who the beneficiary is. He tells Jack that the drug was a sedative. Jack realizes that it may have been what Julia was on and starts asking Hal questions. When he realizes that it might be true he rushes Hal out the door. He opens the desk drawer and finds Julia's pill bottle. It is the exact drug she was prescribed by Dr. Michael's. The date of her appointment and the date the horse died are the same. Jack calls Julia downstairs. She asks him what he wants. He tells her that he needs to ask her something. He wants to know if she knows anything about how the horse died.

Hal is back at the police station and recieved the fax from the insurance company. They are asking for the remains of the horse to be sent to them so that they can cut a deal with the beneficiary.

Craig has a message on his answering machine from Barbara. She apologizes and tells him that she needed more time and that she went to visit Paul as he gives her good advice. Craig comments that he hopes she will be back within the week as he is about to lose the only young people that he cares about.


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