As The World Turns Update Thursday 3/15/01



As The World Turns Thursday 3/15/01

By Glynis

Short due to basketball.

Barbara is getting into it with Kim. She is defending her actions and saying that she thinks that she is over with Hal anyway. She insists that she is going to be there for Craig in spite of what everyone thinks.

Hal is at the police station and he is ready to arrest Craig. He takes a policeman with him to do the deed. He leaves Carly, Jake and Molly at the station. Carly is going to pick up Parker and find a place to live. Molly wants Carly to take over her old place. Carly agrees to take the place and all are happy. Jack is in the background listening to this exchange. Carly can finally start the life that she has always wanted. Jake and Molly leave the room and Jack comes up to Carly to tell her that he wants her still. He is not giving up on her. He is just being responsible for the both of them. He is asking her that she allow him to talk to her. He needs to see her alone. She is reluctant, but agrees to meet with him. He was worried that she wouldn’t be able to find a place to stay and now she has. He wants to come and see her at her new place as soon as she moves in. He tells her to put a candle in the window to indicate that he can come over. He guarantees that if she puts the candle in the window, he will be there. She leaves and Margo enters. She is looking for Hal. She finds out from Jack that Hal is off to arrest Craig for his misgivings. Jack leaves her there.

Craig is at a restaurant when he gets a visit from Lucinda. She thinks that he is sad and not as charming as usual. Lucinda tells him that she has found out that Craig has declared war on her. Lucinda tells him that she has brought about some events and she hopes that he finds them to be a doozie. He warns her to leave him alone or she will be hurting her own family. Barbara arrives and finds the two talking. Lucinda leaves laughing and Barbara wants to know what is going on between the two, but Craig doesn’t tell her. She assures him that whatever is going on she will help. Hal walks up and tells her that Craig needs a vacation. Hal shows him a warrant for his arrest. Craig tells him that he has gone too far. He is going to hear from Craig’s lawyer and the Commissioner. Hal places the cuffs on Craig and tells him that he is more than happy to let Craig know that he is under arrest. Lucinda is at a nearby table watching the scene.

Ben is with Tom’s daughter and they are talking about having dinner. She wants him to take her out for filet mignon. He is surprised at her invitation. He accepts. He will check his schedule and give her a call. He agrees to call her. He thanks her for her time and leaves. It is clear that there is an attraction.


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