As The World Turns Update Wednesday 3/14/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 3/14/01

By  Laurie

Barbara comes home and calls Jack. She tells him that she did not find Julia but is sure that she is OK. Just then, Bryant comes down the stairs. Barbara tells him to stop and asks why he is there. Jennifer comes down and says that he spent the night. Barbara is furious and tells her that she needs to follow the rules of the house. Jen points out that if Barbara doesn't care about the house rules, then neither should she. She lets Barbara assume that she and Bryant slept together until Kim comes down and tells her that Bryant slept in Adam's room and Jen slept in her room. Barbara apologizes but Jennifer does not accept. She goes to her room. The phone rings and it's Craig. He tells Barbara that he needs to see her immediately.

Carly is at Molly and Jake's and she thanks them for letting her spend the night. Molly shows off her engagement ring. Jack comes to the door and asks to talk to Carly privately. She tells him that she has nothing to say to him unless he is there to tell her that he left Julia. He tells her that Julia left him and he doesn't know where she is. Carly tells him that it is another prank Julia is pulling and that she will be back and Jack will forgive her and go back to her because he feel sorry for her. He leaves.

Lien and Margo talk about how nice it is going to be working for Tom at the new office. Lien says she is excited and glad to be leaving the big city. Margo leaves and Ben comes in asking for Tom. Lien tells him maybe she can help. He says he doubts it because he needs a lawyer. She insists on looking at the file and still doesn't tell him that she is a lawyer and asks him out to dinner. He accepts.

Lucinda goes to the station and looks at the document that Hal has with her 'signature'. She says it looks like her signature but she has never seen the document before. He then gets a warrant for Craig's arrest and calls Carly so she can sign her statement that she found the paper at Craig's. Carly goes down to the station and signs the statement. Molly and Jake go with her for support. Lucinda congratulates them on their engagement and tells Carly that she is happy she got the paper so quickly. Carly reminds her of their agreement. Molly tells Carly that she wants her to stay at her apartment since she is living at Jake's. Carly accepts and says it will be nice living on her own. Jack tells Carly that he loves her and asks if he can come over to see her. She tells him no. He says if she changes her mind, to leave a candle in the window.

Craig is at the restaurant waiting for Barbara when Lucinda shows up. Finally Barbara shows up and Lucinda waits in the background while Hal comes in with a warrant for Craig's arrest and reads him his rights in front of Barbara and Lucinda is watching quietly in behind a tree. ~The End


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