As The World Turns Update Tuesday 3/13/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 3/13/01

By Kim

Joe, Luke, Iva, Rose and Holden are sitting around the kitchen table at the farm talking about what they've done tonite.  They ask Luke what part was his favorite...the sleigh ride, ice skating under the moonlight, etc.  Luke tells them that he likes it all and then says that it would be better if Lily was there too.  He tells them that this was the best day ever.  Rose asks him when Lily is coming home.  He tells her that she has to figure out stuff first.  Iva tells Luke it's time for him to put on his pj's and go to bed.  Holden tells him he has a big day ahead of him.  He's going back to the Galapogos Islands.  He then tells the rest that he is going to go check the furnace.  Iva decides that she is going to go to bed too, and heads upstairs.  Rose asks Joe what he's staring at.  He asks her why she has so much energy.  She tells him that she is happy.  Joe wants to know who made her happy, hinting that it was Holden.  She asks him if he could just let her enjoy being happy.  She tells Joe that Lily takes everything for granted, that there are wonderful memories.  Joe tells her he is going to go to sleep.  He tells her that he would say sweet dreams, but she is already there. 
Joe comes back down to raid the cookie jar and sees Rose standing on the porch.  He goes out to talk to her, only to see that it's actually Iva.  She asks if she woke him.  He tells her that he came down for some cookies and didn't expect that there would be witnesses.  Iva comes right out and asks Joe if Rose is in love with Holden.  Joe chokes on his cookie and tells her that hard questions to ask usually have hard answers too.  Iva asks Joe if he knew that Holden and Lily had been separated before and got back together.  She tells him that someone should mention this to Rose.  Joe tells her that someone has already pointed this out to her until he's blue in the face. 
Holden has his hand in the cookie jar when Rose catches him.  He asks her why she's still awake.  She tells him that she couldn't sleep.  He tells her that he got the heat going and that she should feel it any minute.  Rose realizes that he meant the furnace.  She comments on the ice skating, the stars and that Luke liked every part of the evening.  She never thought that she could be this happy.  Rose and Holden share a glass of milk (one glass, two straws).  Holden tells her that he's never met anyone like her.  Rose asks if that's good.  Holden tells her that it is.  Rose tells him that she loves the kids and asks how Lily is.  She tells him that she wants to enjoy days like this with two hands.  Holden agrees and they kiss.  Iva and Joe come in from the porch and catch the two of them kissing.  Iva tells everyone to go to their 'separate' beds.  Rose gives him a kiss on the cheek and follows Iva and Joe up to bed.  Holden stays in the kitchen, sits down on a chair and looks at the glass of milk, sets it down and rests his head on his hands.
Katie is on the phone leaving a message for Henry.  She is telling him that she needs him to help her dig up some information (on Simon).  Simon comes in as she hangs up the phone and asks her who she was calling. 
(Henry is at Yo's complaining to the bartender about his "dirty martini."  That it doesn't mean that it should be in a dirty glass.  He looks terrible.  Has a five o'clock shadow, almost like he hasn't slept for days.)
Craig is looking in the drawer that Carly pried open looking for the loan documents.  He asks himself what she was looking for.  He discovers that it was the loan papers.  He calls the Oakdale police department with a fake southern accent posing as Carly's lawyer.  He wants to know of her whereabouts.  The won't give him any information.  Craig hangs up and tries to figure out who put her up to it.  Jack was cluless....he figures that it must have been Lucinda, as Carly said that it wasn't Hal.  Lucinda is the one who wanted them.  He figures that if she claims forgery, Hal would charge him.  It'll be a cold day in Montega before he lets Lucinda get away with it.  He storms out the door of his suite.
Katie tells him it was an old friend.  Simon asks which old friend would that be?  He asks her if they are going to help her dig up information on someone else.  She tells him it is for a prank.  He wants to know who, and Katie tells him that it is on a friend from High School.  He tells her that she never mentions any friends, but there is one friend who keeps showing up from time to time.  Her "pregnant" friend dressed in drag at the doctor's office.  Katie tells him that she hasn't seen Henry in ages.  Simon tells her that his life is off limits to her.  She tells him to ask her anything about her.  He replies that he already knows enough.  Katie asks him about his childhood, that they really don't know anything about each other.  He tells her that he will make a vow.  To keep his life as his own.  That he is Katie free.  Craig walks into the garage at this point.  He is here to see Simon and tells Katie to go out for a while.  Simon asks Craig why he's there.  Craig tells him that this is his lucky day.  Simon tells him that he is not interested.  Craig tells him that he doesn't look like the type of man who settles.  Craig tells Simon that he has heard about his "parking" problems.  He tells Simon that Lucinda really stuck it to him.  He asks Simon if he'd like to pay Lucinda back, that this deal could be to his advantage.  He tells Simon that someone was hired to steal documents from Craig tonite.  He wants Simon to steal them back and he has a simple plan to accomplish it.  There isn't a guard to the back door.  That Simon could gain entrance from the back and find the documents.  All he has to do is get them and bring them to Craig.  Simon asks him if the documents are important.  Craig tells him that they are.  Simon wants to know if there is any chance that they're the type of documents that might land Crag in prison.  Simon is waiting for an answer from Craig.  Craig tells him no, that they will only cause temporarily embarassment for a certain woman (meaning Barbara).  Simon says that he won't do it.  Craig tells him that it is really very simple.  Simon tells him to forget it.  Craig tells Simon that if he takes care of Craig, that he'll take care of Simon.  He'd rather see Simon here with Katie than her visiting him in jail.  He tells Simon to give him a call when be stops spinning his wheels. 
Katie finds Henry at Yo's.  Henry sees her and tells her to go away.  He is upset with her because she hasn't paid him the $500.00 yet and she promised to pay him back.  She wants to know where he's been.  He apologizes (sarcastically) as it's been a rough time for him lately.  He tells her that he needs to get out of Oakdale.  Katie tells him that she has a favor to ask.  She wants him to look into Simon's past and get specific details.  Henry tells her that he wants something in return.  A recommendation letter from Craig.  Katie is surprised that that's all he wants.  He tells her that it isn't that easy.  She tells him that it won't be a problem and that she will trade the recommendation letter for Simon's secrets. 
Bryant looks at Gabriel ans asks him if he is threatening them now.  Gabirel tells him that if he gives away his secret, he'll kill him.  Bryant asks him what would happen if it's not his fault.  Gabriel grabs a meat cleaver and tells Bryant and Jennifer that maybe he should just kill them now and then bursts into laughter.  That they should see the looks on their faces.  Jennifer asks him if he thinks that that is funny.  It's not funny, it's sick!  Ruby comments that that was cruel, even for him.  She tells him that he should be ashamed.  Gabriel asks of what.  She tells him that she scared them.  He tells her that it was a harmless joke.  He apologizes for his sense of humor.  He tells Ruby to get out the good glasses and that they should all share a drink and that soon they will be laughing at his jokes.  Jennifer tells him no thanks.  Bryant says that it's been a long day.  Ruby gives Jennifer a jar of Chicken soup and tells her that she should have some before she goes to sleep.  That it helps her fall asleep.  Jennifer thanks Ruby, but tells her she cannot accept the gift.  Ruby tells Jennifer that she should never refuse a gift.  Gabriel gives Bryant the money.  Bryant and Jennifer leave.  Ruby stops Bryant before he can get out the door.  She tells him that she is glad that he came and gives him a kiss on the cheek.  Bryant tells her that he will see her soon.  Gabriel asks Ruby to telll her about Jennifer, are they best friends yet?  Ruby starts laughing.  Gabriel tells her that it was her job to befriend her.  Ruby tells him that it's not going to happen.  Jennifer is a spoiled little rich girl.  Gabriel tells her that Bryant is foolish.  She broke his heart, his freedom may end because of all that's happened, but still he comes back for more.  He tells her to work on the girl, that the daughter of  a police captain is worth her wieght in gold.
Craig returns home to his suite at the Lakeview and notices that his door is ajar.  He cautiously enters the suite, which is dark and intentionally leaves the lights off.  He searches the room to find a red X on a painting over the mantle and a note that is pinned to the mantle with a knife.  The note is spattered with what looks like blood and says: You're running out of time!

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