As The World Turns Update Monday 3/12/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 3/12/01

By Laurie

Craig and Barbara are at Craig's suite. They are both in matching robes. He sees some papers on the floor and tries to hide them from Barbara. He tells her that Carly made the mess when she left. He tells her that he is concerned that she might be forced to testify against him. Barbara doesn't think Hal would make her testify. He says there's only one thing that would stop the courts. She says marriage.

Jake tries to propose to Molly again with candles and flowers, but they're interrupted by Carly. She has Parker and says that she needs a place to crash. Molly quickly offers for her to stay with them and Carly says that she'll have money tomorrow but Molly asks about how she'll get it, and if it's legal. She tells Molly not to worry about it and that Jack is leaving Julia as they speak and he will be moving out. The twins both wake up and Jake goes to get them. He asks Carly if she will wait up with them so he and Molly can finish their romantic evening. Carly tells him yes. Molly and Jake are in the bedroom and he then proposes. He gives her a diamond ring and she accepts.

Jack goes to his house and finds the book Julia gave him in pieces. Plus their wedding picture smashes. He calls out for her but there is no answer. Jack finds a note from Julia saying she has left him and asking him not to look for her. He calls Barbara's and Kim answers the phone. She tells him that it's awkward for her to discuss Barbara with h im. He tells her that Julia is missing and Barbara might know. She then tells him that she is probably with Craig. He goes to Craig's place where he interrupts Craig's hopes for a night of romance and a possible engagement. Craig tries to keep Jack out and thinks he's there because Hal told him to go. Jack tells Craig that he needs to talk to Barbara about Julia. Barbara finally asks Jack what he wants and he tells her that Julia left and he doesn't know where she is. He asks for her help. She tells him to go home and wait by the phone and she will drive around looking for her. Craig is not pleased. He tells her that it is a marital problem between Jack and Julia. She reminds him that Julia is her friend and she is going to help. She gets dressed and leaves. The phone rings.

Meanwhile, after her car breaks down, Julia gets into a big rig and then a trucker pulls a gun on her as she slips into her cab. She tells Julia that she shouldn't go into a strange cab and that she could've been shot. Julia explains that her car broke down and her cell phone died and she needed a ride. The trucker introduces herself as Candi. She asks where she is going and Julia said she didn't know. Candi then offers her a ride.

Gabe gives Bryant the money needed to repay Isaac. Bryant tells him that Isaac won't take it and that he already tried to repay him. Gabe tells Bryant to end Ruby's feelings for him in exchange for solving his legal problems. Gabe tells Jennifer and Bryant how he faked his own death in prison, telling them a story about mail order herbs which paralyzed him long enough to make his escape. Then he tells them that no one else knows this story and that if they tell anyone, he will kill them.


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