As The World Turns Update Friday 3/9/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 3/9/01

By Laurie

Jack and Carly go to the Java Underground and he tells her that he wants to be with her. Carly tells him that she's had her heart broken too many times and that now she has nothing. He then kisses her and she asks what about Lisa seeing them. He says he doesn't care and tells her that he has decided to leave Julia so that they can be together. Carly is concerned and tells him that until he's divorced from Julia, she doesn't want him to come to her. Lisa did see them together and is upset by it. She tells Jack that she has seen Julia and that Julia was upset with him because he didn't seem too happy about the book she gave him. She then tells him that Julia is so frustrated by her marriage and has decided to leave him and that she is probably gone already. Jack runs home and finds the house empty. He sees the book in pieces and sees their wedding picture shattered. He then finds a note from Julia and fears the worst.

Katie gets in Simon's face about his reasons for staying in Oakdale, even after Lily left town and told him that she doesn't want to be with him. Unable to get the truth from Simon, Katie decides he must be keeping a secret and asks Henry for his special help.

While Jennifer tries to control her anger, she and Bryant are reintroduced to Ruby, Gabe's daughter. Gabe hides the fact that he's trying to gain Bryant's trust so he can gain access to Lucinda's millions. He asks for some time alone with Bryant and then makes him an offer. Jennifer and Ruby go for a beer run and Ruby tries to get Jen to like her. Jen tells her that they will never be friends and that she knows that Ruby only wanted Bryant. Gabe asks Bryant to convince Ruby that they can never be together and in exchange, he'll give back the money they took from him. ~The End


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