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As The World Turns Thursday 3/8/01

By Kim

Katie enters the garage with a bag from Mabel's behind her back. She asks Simon if he's comfortable and tells him that she has an idea. That they should just give in to temptation, human needs and that he'll thank her in the morning. Simon does not like where he thinks Katie is going with this, when she pulls out the bag and tells him it's Mabel's Red Hots with all the fixin's. Hot dogs? He asks her what she wants from him. She faked a pregnancy, lied to a federal agent, etc. He is freaking out and wants to know why she has done all this. She tells him that she wants to do nice things for him. He asks her what she wants to get out of this (meaning their marriage). She tells him that it doesn't matter, all her schemes have paid off. Simon still insists that there is something that she wants and he demands to know what. She tells him that she doesn't know, but that she loves him. Simon tells her that he has already told her that this is just an arrangement, it's not about love. Katie tells him that this is as straight as it gets. Things are not different, that this has always been this way, she loves him. Simon asks her if she is trying to get a rise out of him. Is she crazy? Katie tells him it's an honest answer. Simon tells her that he doesn't want to hurt her feelings, but what you see is what you get. He doesn't want to be around her all the time. Katie goes into her "wife" mode and tells him that all husbands are like that, that that's what football is for. Simon tells her that she is beautiful, has many gifts and will make someone happy some day. He will take the blame for everything if she would want to walk away. Katie is angry with this and tells him that he has made all of this very, very clear. Why are we still here? He could have walked to Austrailia many times by now. She then asks Simon what he wants. Simon replies with peace, quiet, a room to breathe. Katie tells him that this is the wrong answer. He doesn't have Lily anymore, so why is he still here? He must be happy with the arrangement, so now who's living a fantasy? He puts on his jacket and tells her that there isn't any reason, but he has to leave now. As he is walking out the door, Katie asks what his secret is. That there is no Lily and no Katie, so there must be a reason why he's staying. He tells her he'd rather work at Java Underground and leaves for work. Katie sits down and says that he has a secret.

Gabriel and Ruby are on their way to meet Bryant at Mabel's. Gabriel asks Ruby what it would take for him to make her smile. Music? Singing? Ruby tells him she wants to go home. He tells her no, that their future (Bryant) is waiting for them. She tells him that he is only waiting because he wants the money.

Bryant and Jen are in her Kitchen and about to leave to meet Gabriel and Ruby at Mabel's when they are caught leaving by Hal who just walked in the door. He asks them if they think it's kind of late to be going out. Jen covers for them and says that they are going out for burgers and wants to know what Hal is doing there, is he okay? He tells her that he is okay and that he misses her. Jen wants to know what he's doing there so late, is Barbara okay? He says sarcastically that she is fine, she's single now so maybe she and Jennifer can go on double dates now. He tells her that he would like her to talk with Barbara to tell her to slow down, that she's been under alot of pressure lately. Jennifer figures out that Craig was with her in the Dominican Republic and tells Hal that she is just sick to her stomach. Hal tells her that Barbara needs her now more than ever. Don't hate her. Jennifer asks Hal if he still loves her after everything that she has done to him. He tells Jennifer to try and get Barbara to cool her heels about everything before she finds out. Barbara walks in the door and catches the last part of the conversation and wants to know what she's going to find out. She asks for an explanation. Jennifer bursts out and asks Barbara if it's true about Craig. Barbara thanks Hal for bringing their children into this. Jennifer insists on the truth. Barbara tells her that it is, but not the way that it sounds. Jennifer tells her that she always wanted to be like Barbara. She can do whatever she wants to, no matter who it hurts. Jennifer tells her that she is embarrassed with everything and storms out the door. Bryant goes out the door after Jennifer. Barbara tells Hal to get out and walks over to the door. She tells Hal that there isn't anything between them anymore. Hal tells her that there will always be something between them, that he is trying to protect her. Barbara tells him that if he ever pulls another cruel, self serving stunt like this again, she will make sure that he is kept away from the children. He tells her that he gave her the divorce, she can say and do whatever she wants, but don't ever threaten to take away the children. Kim was asleep upstairs and was awakened by the yelling. Barbara's cell phone rings and it's Craig on the other line. He wants Barbara to come over for a midnight "snack." She tells him she will be over as soon as she can and hangs up. Kim pleads with them to calm down for Will's sake. Hal tells Barbara that even though he's gone, she will eventually need him and that he'll be there for her. He apologizes to Kim for waking her up, looks at Barbara and then leaves.

Jack reads the note from Carly that tells him that they have both lost their way. He has a flashback about the time that he gave it to her. That his reason for giving it to her was so that she could find her way back to him. He looks back at the note again and then asks himself what he's done to the two of them, that it wasn't supposed to happen.

Carly is going through some of Craigs files, when Craig walks in the door. Craig realizes what she is doing and makes a comment about the mouse playing while the cat is away. Carly tries to change the subject, but Craig asks her if she is going through his confidential files. She tells him that it's not personal. He tells her that she is going through his confidential files and it's not personal? Craig is VERY angry at her and starts grilling Carly for the reason as to why she is doing this. What does Hal want? What are you looking for? She pleads with him to let her go. Craig responds by telling her that he wants answers first. Carly tells him that it's not Hal. Craig grabs Carly by the throat and wants to know who it is if it isn't Hal. Luckily, there is a knock at the door. It's Jack looking for Carly. Craig tries to ignore him, when Carly breaks free and opens the door. Craig starts insulting Jack and Carly. If it isn't the dedicated detective rushing in to save his girl. Craig tells Jack about the files and wants to know if it was his idea. Jack denies it, as he really doesn't know what's going on. Carly tells Craig that he has nothing to do with this. Jack tells Craig to back off and tells Carly to pack her things. Carly goes into her room and pulls out a sheet of paper from her pocket. While Carly is packing, Craig offers Jack a drink. Jack declines and tells Craig that he and Carly will be leaving. Craig starts another round of insults about Jack and Julia and how Jack is the perfect detective. He follows orders, etc. Jack tells him that he has been known to cross the line from time to time. Craig makes a comment about Carly being the "side dish" to Jack's marriage when Carly comes in and tells Jack to ignore Craig's mind games. Craig tries to intimidate Carly by asking her what she really wants. Does she really want to leave? Craig points out how Jack rises to Julia's defense as much as hers and that he will never leave Julia. As Jack and Carly are about to leave, Craig grabs her suitcase and tells her that she will leave exactly how she came - with nothing. He proceeds to go through her suitcase to make sure that she doesn't have anything of his. Carly tells him he has no right to go through her things. Craig tells her that when she had no money, no home, who was her one true friend? Everything she does is cause and effect. He mentions Parker. Carly grabs the suitcase and she and Jack leave. Craig picks up the phone and calls Barbara.

Bryant is trying to cheer up Jennifer at Mabel's. Bryant tells her that she shouldn't think about her parents. She should let them do their thing, or she'll go crazy. Jennifer says that they can do their own thing, she want's to be wild and crazy. Gabriel enters the restaurant. Jennifer sees him and tells Bryant that they don't have to do this, that they can get away from everyone. They kiss and Ruby enters. Gabriel apologizes for being late and introduces Ruby as his daughter. Ruby says hello to Bryant. Bryant tells her that it's been a long time. Ruby tells him that it has been a long time. Gabriel asks them if they need a moment alone. Jennifer tells him to back off. Bryant asks Ruby if that was fun for her, if she got a kick out of it. Ruby tells him that she is truly sorry for what she did. Gabriel interrupts to remind them why they are all here and that they should be friends. Ruby promises to make it up to Bryant. Jennifer tells Bryant that she doesn't beleive or trust either one of them. He tells her he can't stop now, that she should go home. Bryant, Gabriel and Ruby all leave. Jennifer grabs the keys on the counter and follows them out the door.

Carly and Jack are at the police station. Jack offers Carly some coffee. She tells him she doesn't need anything but him. He tells her that he was glad that he was there. She is glad that he was there too, but wanted to know how he knew that she was in trouble. He jokes and asks her when isn't she in trouble. Then tells her it was the compass. Jack tells her it was a mistake. She tells him that it's the hardest thing she's had to do in a long time. He tells her that it's a crime to give it back. She tells him that it reminds her of the two of them. He apologizes and asks for her to keep the compass for him. Hal comes in and Jack starts yelling at him about the danger that he has put Carly in. She tells them both about the deal she made with Lucinda about getting a document from Craig. Jack asks her if everyone has her working for them. Hal asks her if it was the document for the trust fund. Carly wasn't sure if it was still there. They go back to her suitcase and Carly reveals the document that was hidden in the picture frame with Parker's picture in it. Hal is ecstatic - it's the proof he finally needs on Craig. It will prove that Craig had clear intent on swindling the bank. He just needs Lucinda to swear that it's a forged signature. Hal tells them that this will make it a clear case of fraud and that they now will have probable cause to investigate every aspect of Craig's life. He goes upstairs to call Lucinda to have her come in first thing in the morning.

Craig is in his suite looking through the files that Carly had, when Barbara knocks at the door. Craig answers the door and embraces her. He tells her that she has no idea how much he needs her right now.

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