As The World Turns Update Tuesday 3/6/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 3/6/01

By Kim

Jack is on the phone with Grady at the police department and recieves news that the documents that he was waiting for from Hong Kong about Winston Lowe's death. He told Grady that he would be coming in and that no one has authority to see the documents, especially Margo. After Jack hangs up, Julia comes in with a gift and tells Jack Happy Anniversary. Jack tells her that it's not their anniversary, but Julia says that it is the anniversary of their first date. Julia tells him that the date started as a joke, but turned into real feelings and that they have their whole lives ahead of them. She urges Jack to open the gift. When Jack opens the box, it explodes with long plastic covered springs (similar to those exploding cans of peanuts that are used in practical jokes). Jack looks worried and confused about the "gift" from Julia. He looks at her and asks if this is because of everything with Carly. Julia tells him to look further into the box. Jack discovers a book authored by Dashell Hammett. Julia points out that it is a first edition and that it was inscribed to his wife. She further tells him that the couple had ups and downs just like they do. Jack tells Julia that it's great (but doesn't sound all too convincing). Julia tells him again that it started as a joke, but it turned into the real thing and they have survived. Julia also apologizes for her actions at the diner the other day. Jack tells her there is no need for her to apologize, it's over. Julia makes a crack about Carly and Jack tells her to forget the past, that they need to move on with the future. He tells her that Carly is no longer a part of their lives and that she doesn't need to question him working late, that he's not going to see Carly. He tells her that he needs to go into the station. Before he leaves he asks about Dr. Michaels. Julia tells him that they have an appointment with her tomorrow. Jack is upset about this. Julia tells him that they need to work through this together or not at all. She wishes that she could work out their problems alone, but they need to get inside Jack too. Jack explains that he didn't say that he wouldn't go, but that he just wishes that there would have been more notice about the appointment. Jack turns to go out the door and Julia tells him that she loves him. Jack looks at her and then leaves. Julia sits down on the stairs in the entry way with a glass of wine and the book she gave Jack and says "Happy Anniversary Jack. Do you wish that this was from Carly?" She starts tearing the pages from the book and saying "I could kill you CArly for what you've done to us! I hate you Carly, I hate you!"

Margo is at the station and notices the envelope from Hong Kong addressed to Jack. She moves to pick up the envelope and Grady tells her that she can't open it, only Jack can. Margo tells Grady that it's against procedure to withhold evidence. He tells her that he knows nothing about what's in the envelope. Margo apologizes and Grady tells her that Jack will probably share with him once he gets in. Margo is trying to resist temptation from opening the package when she recieves a call from Tom telling her to come home. She tells him about the package. Tom tells her to open it. She asks him from a lawyer standpoint if she should or not. Tom tells her that if she pays him, he'll say client confidentiality. She agrees to pay him $1.00 and a backrub. They hang up and Margo looks around to make sure no one is looking. She grabs the envelope and goes into the interrigation room to steam it open. She manages to get the envelope open and sees that only one page is in English. It states that Winston Lowe died of an acute heart attack. Jack quietly enters and hears Margo say that that proves that he wasn't murdered. Jack speaks up and asks her if she wants to testify to that in a court of law along with the fact that it's now tampered eveidence.  

Carly is signing a card for Jack when John Dixon knocks at the door. He is talking to her about how she bounces back from every "hardship" and it's always a male that rescues her. A phone call interrupts their conversation. Lucinda is calling Carly to tell her that she wants to meet. It's now or never and will be on her terms. From Carly's tone, she senses that it is urgent. Carly tells her that it is important and that she will find someone to watch Parker. After Carly hangs up the phone, John tells her about Hals visit and that he told her that Carly was going to move out of Craig's apartment. She mentions to John that she needs someone to watch Parker. Since he's there to see Parker, would he mind watching him for a little while. John asks her who she has in her sights now, she says no-one. John sees the card and gift meant for Jack and tells her that she's the same old Carly, sending gifts to married men. Carly tells John to stay with Parker and then calls the front desk to have the gift deliverd to Jack at the station. Then heads out the door to meet Lucinda.

Carly walks into Lucinda's study in a rush and tells her that she'd like to get down to business. Lucinda tells her that she could at least let her play the gracious hostess first. Carly tells her that she is through tap dancing for everyone. Lucinda tells her that Hal wants all the evidence on Craig. Carly sarcastically says good, she was worried about Bryant. Lucinda asks her, wouldn't you rather be on the winning side? Carly tells her that she is sick of Craig pushing and she wants her back covered. Lucinda wants to ensure that she is going to be loyal to her and not to Craig. Carly tells her that she is loyal to herself. She tells Lucinda that there are some rules that will need to be followed. Lucinda must be the one to deal with Hal and that she should also table the insults and play nice. Carly also wishes to leave the deal smelling like "the US Mint" or the deal is going to be a bust before it gets off the ground. Carly and Lucinda start to dicker about what she is going to get out of their deal together. Lucinda tells Carly that she would be glad to give her a job at the City Times. Carly doesn't like the idea of working for the City Times and thinks that Lucinda is joking with her. Carly tells Lucinda that she wants to be like her, to make someone respect her. She doesn't want to answer phones or open mail, she wants capital. Lucinda tells her that if she can deliver the dirt on Craig, she'll deliver a truckload. Carly tells Lucinda that if she will give her $100,000.00, she'll get the goods on Craig.

Kim, Bob and Will arrive at Tom and Margo's. Lien is going to arrive any minute. Tom asks them how Will is handling everything with Hal and Barbara. Kim tells him that he is confused and worried. Kim, Bob and Tom discuss Lien coming home. Tom says that she is coming home for a week and that she seems to be fine. Bob thinks that she seems to be having the time of her life in Washington. Tom talks about how he would like Lien to be a part of his new law firm, and wants to know if they think he is being selfish. Kim doesn't think so and Bob thinks it's a wonderful gesture. Tom tells them that he has a large caseload that he cannot do himself without giving some of the cases to other firms. He wants to make up for the time he missed when she was a kid, but doesn't want to pressure her into this if she doesn't want it.

Lien is on the plane about to land in Oakdale and is having a conversation with the passenger next to her. He asked her if it was her first time to Oakdale. She tells him that she has been here, but it's been a long time and that her father has asked her to come home. She states that he couldn't have picked a better time.

Tom tells Kim and Bob that she isn't the shy teen they remember from years ago. Kim says that she must be successful in all areas of her life. Tom tells them that he doesn't know about anything else but her work. Bob tells him that he wasn't any different - they didn't always know about his life either. Lien finally arrives and she tells Tom that she has missed him more than he could ever know. She begins talking about the biggest case she's ever had and that after it was over the firm told her that they think she's losing her edge. Kim starts asking her about her personal life, Lien responds by what personal life? Free time is hard to come by. Tom tells her that she has been gone too long. Bob and Lien go off on the side for a moment. Bob tells her that Tom is planning to ask her to join his practice. He explains how he has a full caseload and would love it if she would join. He asks her to go easy on Tom if she decides that she doesn't want to help him out and would rather stay in Washington. As they are all gathered around the kitchen counter again, Tom starts to hint around that he needs help at his firm and does Lien have any ideas on who would be willing to help him. She jokes and says that they could send Casey to Law School. Then tells Tom to just come out and ask her already. Lien tells Tom that it is an interesting Idea. He asks if that's good or bad. Bob tells him to give her more information. Tom asks her to give up the big firm in Washington for Hughes and Hughes. Kim tells her she'd probably have to give up her expense account and tickets to Kennedy Center, etc. Lien asks Tom for the terms. He tells her that they are negotiable. Long hours, grumpy boss, cramped office space, etc. She tells him that she is standing in front of the person that she admires the most. Tom asks if that is a yes? Lien tells him that it is definitely a yes!


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