As The World Turns Update Monday 3/5/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 3/5/01

By Laurie

In the Dominican Republic, Hal tells Barbara that Craig is a murderer. Hal shows her the statement Mei Lin signed and Craig tells Barbara that it is a lie.That Mei Lin was desperate and scared into signing it. Hal gets so mad at Craig, he punches him. Barbara calls hotel security. Hal is "escorted" out of her hotel room. He yells at Craig and Brabara that he is going to prove the charges against Craig. Barbara is upset and Craig hugs her, telling her it will all be OK. He then shows her an engagement ring and asks her again to marry him. She tells him no.

Iva is in Oakdale and talks to Rose about how sorry she is that she gave her up. She says she should have known she was pregnant with twins and wished that Rose had a better life. She gives Rose a check for $25,000 saying it will make up for the past. Rose turns down the check. Rose tells Iva that she loves Holden. Ive didn't know that Lily was even out of town. She tells Rose that she can't tell her how she feels about it, because Lily and Rose are both her daughters.

Holden tells Emma that the kids will be arriving at the airport soon, but without Lily. He tells Emma that while he misses Lily, he likes being with Rose. He says he has fun with her. Claiming that Ruby is so upset about what happened that she has ended her career with him, Gabe offers to end Bryant's troubles if he'll help him with an upcoming con in town. Hearing that Lucinda hasn't had much luck getting rid of the charges against him, Bryant reluctantly agrees to Gabe's plan for clearing his name with the police. Hal calls Lucinda from the flight back to Oakdale and tells her he's ready to move against Craig.


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