As The World Turns Update Monday 3/5/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 3/5/01

By Glynis

Rose, Emma and Holden get a visit from Roseís mother. They are surprised to see her. She didnít call because she didnít want them to know that she was coming. There is something that she ha to clear up with Rose.

Hal is in the Dominican Republic. He has a statement that proves that Craig murdered a man. Barbara canít believe it and she takes the statement to look at it. Hal got the statement from Mei Ling. Craig says that Halís imagination is working overtime. Barbara demands to know if there is any truth to what Hal is saying. Craig tells Hal that he is going to pay for this latest attack on his reputation. Barbara shouts for Hal to stop this. Craig says that he didnít kill anyone. He asks her if she believes him. He needs to hear her tell him that she believes him.

Rose and Emma are alone and Emma wants to know what is going on with Lily. He is looking forward to seeing his kids at the airport. Lily is not going to be with them and he doesnít know how he feels about that. Emma thinks that it is obvious that something is going on between Rose and Holden. She likes to see him happy again. Rose is a great woman and she helped him get over a lot. Emma wonders what happens now. Are they planning a future now, or does he want Lily back. Holden remembers the times that he spent with Lily and now he has Rose whom makes him forget what he is missing. There is nothing wrong with that unless he is using Rose to get rid of Lily. Lily is gone and Holden canít figure out what the future is holding for the both of them. He has to find out what he wants. Emma thinks that he should go after Lily and get her back.

Rose is with her mother in the barn. Her mother gives her a check for $25,000. She wants her daughter to have the money. Rose will not take the check. Her mother is not giving her the money because she has to. It is not going to make up for all the years that were missed, but she can be there for her daughter if she ever needs her. Rose doesnít know why she is doing this. She was pregnant with Rose and she should know that she gave birth to her. She wasnít pumped up on drugs. Things are not going to change the way that she feels. She wants Rose to take the money and keep it. Rose never meant to cause trouble. Her mother is trouble too, so they should get along fine. Rose thinks that instead of the money, her mother should be her friend. Her mother can handle that. They hug. Holden walks in and interrupts. Rose has a date with Emma to see a movie and she wants Holden to go with her. It is ĎMoonstruckí. It is one of her motherís old time favorites. Rose thinks that they should all watch the movie together. They walk into the house.

Craig is alone in the Dominican Republic. He reaches into his coat jacket and pulls out the picture of his daughter. The picture with her face covered in red paint. He says, "It is okay, I will not let anything happen to you."

Bryant is meeting with Gabriel. Gabriel knows that Bryant was arrested for stealing money. Gabriel thinks that he is clever, but he has to start thinking differently. As long as he is a stickler for the rules, he will always be taken advantage of. Ruby told him something about Craig. Apparently, Craig hasnít been very helpful to him at all. Craig has been fighting for the longest time with Hal. Craig seems content to let that happen. Gabriel thinks that they should get him cleared of the charges. Lucinda is trying to help, but Gabriel can work far more discreetly. All Gabriel wants is for Bryant to keep the fact that he is alive to himself. He sees Lucinda walking towards the diner and he walks away waiting to see if Bryant is going to keep his secret. Lucinda comes in and tells Bryant that his only hope of leniency is to produce the person that swindled him. She wants to know if he has gotten any news on that. Gabriel is sitting at the counter waiting to hear Bryantís answer to Lucinda.


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