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As The World Turns Thursday 3/29/01

By Kim

Holden and Lily walk into Luke's classroom looking for Miss Hopkins who isn't there at the moment. Holden tells Lily that it probably isn't anything. Miss Hopkins comes in and is surprised that Lily is there to meet with her. She tells them that Luke hasn't wanted to leave school on some days. She tells them that she isn't a psycologist and that she thinks that Lily's intermittent absence has taken an affect on Luke. She shows them one of Luke's recent drawings. The picture shows Holden, Luke and Lily. Lily seems to be waving in the picture. She tells them that she thinks that Luke may feel unstable. She mentions Lily's absences in the past year - the long trip when she was on the island and her recent trip to the Galapogos Islands. Holden is in denial the entire time as he believes that she has no reason to say this, she's just Luke's teacher. Lily is interested in what she has to say. Miss Hopkins tells them that he also has no interest in reading, that Luke is distracted. Holden doesn't think that this is a problem as he didn't read until he was in 2nd grade and he didn't have any problems. Holden notices that there is a copy of the Intruder in Luke's file. He asks Miss Hopkins why it's in there. He tells her that it doesn't need to be in his file and that he isn't going to sit there and listen to her attack Lily. Lily interjects and tells him that it's okay. Holden tells her that it's not. It doesn't belong in a school file. He tells Miss Hopkins that she needs to see the real picture. He tells her that Lily gave him a taste of a different culture by bringing him to the Galapogos Islands. It hurt her to send him back home, but she knew he had to go back. He also tells her that Lily made sure to call every night. It doesn't matter if they live separately. They don't need a teacher who is a psycologist wanna be evaluating what is best for their son. Holden storms out the door. Lily apologizes and then leaves as well.

Holden and Lily are on their way back from the meeting with Luke's teacher and start arguing in the truck. Holden tells Lily to say whatever it is she has to say. She tells him that she'd rather not talk. He talks about the meeting with Miss Hopkins and that she thinks that Luke is a screwed up kid and that Lily is a screwed up mother. Lily insists that she didn't say that. Holden agrees, but that she was going to say that. Lily and Holden start arguing and the truck goes off the road. They get stuck in the mud, but both of them are okay. They start arguing again. Holden is upset with Lily and brings up Simon. That Simon is the reason that they are here right now. That it started with Lily going to Atlantic City and then when she was stuck on the island with Simon. Holden asks Lily how they got like this. Lily asks if he means stuck in the mud. Holden tells her he means their lives, this situation. He tells her that he remembers one thing. That he never stopped loving her. Lily tells him that that's what she needed to hear. They Kiss. The camera focuses on the letter that Rose slipped into Lily's purse.

Hal is at the police station when Jack walks in. He asks Jack why he came in, that he thought Jack took the day off. Jack tells him that Julia is getting long term treatment. Hal asks if he needs anything. Does he want to take some personal time? Jack declines the offer of personal time and asks if there were any messages. Hal tells him there weren't any job related messages, but there was something left on his desk from Carly. Jack sees the crushed compass. He is upset and calls Carly. He gets her answering machine. l

Carly walks into her apartment and hears Jack on her machine. He keeps asking if she's there and could she please pick up. Carly tells the machine/Jack that she is not there. Jack tells her that she can't give up on the two of them. Carly rips the phone cord out of the back of the machine. There is a knock on the door. It's Craig. Carly tells him that she can't deal with anything and that he needs to go away. Craig tells her that he came to her for help. Carly opens the door and Craig practically falls into the apartment. She realizes that he is hurt and helps him over to the couch. He tells her that he was shot. It was in the foot. Carly tells him that it's still serious and that she needs to call a doctor. He tells her not to, that if a doctor sees gunpowder, they have to report it to the police. Carly asks how it happened. He tells her that he delivered the money to the syndicate out at the old mill. They decided they had to teach him a lesson for being 2 weeks late with the payment. While they are talking, Craig realizes that Lucy may not be okay and calls her on his cell phone. He finds out that both Lucy and Sierra are okay. Carly asks him if he feels better knowing that. He tells her that it's okay, they are both safe. He asks her what she is staring at. She tells him that he has surprised her. She didn't realize that he cared so much. She manages to bandage up Craig's foot. Craig tells her that he has seen another side of her. He can see her as a heroine in the civil war. He tells her that he appreciates everything that she's done for him. She gives him an antibiotic that she usually gives Parker when he has an ear infection. There is a knock on the door. It's Jack. He tells Carly to open up, he knows she's in there. Carly has Criag hide in the kitchen and answers the door. Jack tells her that he knows that she is angry, but she has to listen to him. She asks him why. Is he going to lift her hopes up again? He tells her that she has made her point, but let him make his. She tells him that her days of mooning over Jack Snyder are over. He tells her that he brought Julia to Memorial today. Carly asks him why he did that now, what stunt did she pull? Jack doesn't respond. Carly asks him again. Jack tells her that it's complicated. It isn't just one thing. Carly doesn't believe that Julia is really sick. Jack asks her if she is trying to say that she's faking it. Carly tells him yes. He thought she would be happy about this. Carly tells him that it's too late. He tells her that if she loves him, there is hope for them. Carly tells him that even hope has a shelf life and hers expired a long time ago. She tells him to take care of his wife, he's good at that. Jack leaves. Craig comes out of the kitchen. Carly tells him to keep his smart comments to himself. Craig tells her that she's alone now. She tells him she's not. She has Parker and her new patient to take care of. She tells him that the love of her life just walked out the door. Craig tells her that she just got rid of a man who isn't right for her. She looks at him and asks what she deserves. Craig tells her that she deserves a man who has a sense of humor, likes to be dangerous in bed and out, etc. She asks him if he's hitting on her. He tells her that he's being abstract. Carly doesn't think that it would ever work out between the two of them as he could never settle for a girl like her. Craig tells her that he will never forget about what she did for him tonite. He tells her that she can move on to other things and leaves. Carly mumbles to herself that Jack may think that Julia is crazy, but she knows better. She decides to call Memorial. She tells them that she is looking for a friend of hers that is a patient there. They tell her what floor Julia is on and Carly thanks them for the information and hangs up.

Julia is in the psych ward picking at her food when Bob walks in. Julia is surprised to see him. She asks him if John asked him to look in on her. He tells her that he is here as a friend, but that he would like to know if he could be a consultant on her case. Julia tells him that she would like that. He tells her that this is a hospital and not a courtroom. She can't take the past back but she can learn from it. Julia asks him how she can do that. Bob tells her that she should start talking about it when she feels comfortable. Julia tells him that losing her baby made her feel like she was losing everything, including her marriage. Bob tells her that she may be scared and afraid, but it will help. She tells him that she has this constant fear that Jack is going to leave. Bob asks her why he would leave. She tells him that it would be because of Carly. She tells Bob that she doesn't feel right talking about someone behind their back. Bob tells her that it's okay, it'll help her to get it out. She tells him that she has been obsessed lately. That she doesn't know what Carly will do next. Bob asks her how it all started. Julia tells him that she was happy when they got married. She got pregnant. Bob asks her if Jack was happy about the baby. She tells him that it was Jack's idea. That he couldn't wait to be a father. She tells him that she destroyed that dream. Bob tells her that the miscarriage was not her fault. Julia tells him that Carly used her loss to get close to Jack. Bob asks her what she did (meaning Carly). Julia tells him that she doesn't know, but Carly casts spells on men. She tells him that now that she is stuck in the Hospital, Carly has Jack exactly where she wants him. Bob tells Julia that he has another patient to see and that he'll be back to see her soon. She has a tough road ahead of her, but the worst is over. Julia tells him that now that he is here things will get better. Bob leaves. Julia leans on the back of the door and says that now she has Dr. Bob Hughes in her corner and it's only the first day. THE END


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