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As The World Turns Thursday 3/22/01

By Kim

Gabe and Ruby are in the trailer. Gabriel tells Ruby that Bryant is on his way over. She asks him if he's coming over to see her. Gabriel tells her that Bryant wants to see him. She asks him where she fits in in their master plan. Gabriel tells her to be nice. She asks him if they are going to teach him their ways. Gabriel tells her that they will find a way to get past Lucinda's gate either thru Ruby or thru Gabriel. There is a knock on the door. It's Bryant. They greet each other and Ruby invites him in. Ruby leaves. Gabriel asks him if he gave Isaac the money and if the charges were dropped. Bryant tells him yes. He also tells him that he doesn't like what Gabriel and Ruby do. Gabriel doesn't like this and make the comment that after all that he's done, this is how Bryant repays him. Bryant tells him that he has a favor to ask, that he has a better target for him. He wants Gabriel's help in setting up Craig. He tells him that he wants to teach his father a lesson. Gabriel likes the idea and asks him that there has to be something that Craig wants. Bryant tells him money. Gabriel tells him that that's what everyone wants and there has to be something more, what's he "hungry" for? Bryant tells him that it's Jennifer's mom. Gabriel thinks that they have something, but what is it that he wants from her mom? Bryant realizes that she has money and tells Gabriel that she owns her own fasion line. Gabriel tells him he's come to the right place. Now they need to find a way to put an end to Craig and Barbara's wedding plans for good. Gabriel asks if he's sure that this is what Craig wants. Bryat tells Gabriel that he needs the money. They decide that Barbara will need to find Craig in a compromising position with another woman. Gabriel tells Bryant that this is a good plan and that it can't fail.

Jennifer is standing in the kitchen when Barbara walks in the door. Barbara asks her what she's doing home. Jennifer tells her that she doesn't have any classes for a few hours. She asks her how Paul is. Barbara tells her that he's fine. Jennifer asks her point blank if she's marrying Craig. Barbara is surprised that she asked that. Jennifer asks her again. Barbara tells her that he asked her and that she is leaning towards telling Craig yes. She tells Jennifer that this wasn't an impulse. Jennifer tells Barbara that if she likes Craig that she should slow down and get to know him. Barbara tells her that she has known him for 20 years. Jennifer doesn't want her to rush into anything. Barbara tells her that she is lucky to find a man like Craig. Jennifer tells her that Craig was lucky to find her, and that that is not a compliment. Barbara tells her that Craig is a special man. Jennifer tells her that Hal was special. So special, that they were married not once, but three times. Maybe they should try a fourth time. Barbara tells Jennifer that she should spend some time with Craig - get to know him a little better. Jennifer tells her that she already knows Craig. That Bryant has told her all about him. He is an adulterer, a thief. Barbara tells her that the conversation is useless. That it's obvious that Hal has gotten to her. Jennifer tells Barbara about Bryant's trust fund. That Craig has borrowed against it, etc. Barbara looks surprised for a minute, but then comes up with excuses for Craig by telling Jennifer that borrowing against a trust fund is not unusual. People do it all the time and usually have it replenished by the time the person comes of age. She tells Jennifer that she has no business talking about things that she doesn't know. Jennifer tells her that Craig is using her. Barbara tells her that it's her imagination. Jennifer tells her that he's a criminal, that he's done things. Barbara tells her that he loves her. Jennifer tells her that he loves her for her money. Barbara slaps Jennifer on the face. Then apologizes as she didn't mean to do that and wants to talk. Jennifer tells her that there is nothing to talk about. She tells Barbara that she ill find her own place to live and hopes that Barbara will be happy with Craig. She storms out the door. Barbara goes to the door and calls after her.

Margo and Craig are in his suite at the Lakeview. She wants him to drop the act and tell her what's going on. Craig tells her that it doesn't involve her. Margo tells him that it does, he was arrested. He tells her that what she doesn't know can't hurt her. Margo wants to know if he is trying to tell her then that he isn't involved in any criminal activity, that everything Hal has been doing has been in pursuit of an innocent Craig. Craig tells her that he's innocent. Margo asks him what Hal has on him. Craig tells her to ask Hal. Margo tells him that if he's in grave trouble, that there is a way out, but he has to talk to her. Craig gives in and tells her that Lucy and Sierra's lives are in danger. Possibly Bryant's. Margo asks him why. He tells her that he owes a large debt that must be paid in one week, or they are all dead. Margo thought that he had everything under control. How did this happen? They have time to figure out what he can do. Craig tells her that he doesn't have time, that his partner stole money from him and he is late with his payment. Margo ask why he is living like he is if he doesn't have any money. Why aren't his priorities straight? Craig tells her that she has no idea what it's like to live like he is, to only get 2 hours of sleep and constantly be thinking about coming up with a solution for his situation. Margo tells him that she and Tom have some money saved and that he can have it. Craig tells her that he couldn't accept the money. Margo tells him that it's his, but what about his business partner? Craig tells her that he has died and that the money was invested in livestock. Now the horse has died and Carly has inherited the money from the insurance. Margo asks him if Carly has offered to help him, has he asked her for help? Craig tells her no. Margo wants to know why not. He tells her that he will find some other way. He's running out of time. Margo pleads with him to go to Carly for the money. He tells her that the less Carly knows, the safer she will be. Margo realizes why he might say that and tells Craig that he's in love with her. Craig tells her that that is rediculous. He tells her that he won't let people be put into danger because of what's happened, because of him. Margo wants to know how he was going to get the money then. He tells her that he is working on something. Margo catches on to his plan, that he is planning on marrying Barbara for her money. He is shocked to think that Margo would think that. He and Barbara are two consenting adults. That Hal and Barbara had problems long before he arrived. Margo thinks that he has to have other resources. What about Sierra or Lucinda? He tells her that all he can do is think about what could happen if he doesn't get the money in time. He tells Margo about the phone calls, break-ins, that they sent him a lock of Lucy's hair, and even showed her the picture of Lucy that came with the lock of her hair (the one with the red x across it). Margo tells him that he has to ask for help. Craig tells her that he will when he has to. He will do anything, including asking Lucinda for help. Margo tells him that he needs to take action immediately or he will be dead. And leaves. Craig recieves a call from Barbara. She apologizes for leaving and hopes that he understands. He is glad to hear from her and asks if she would like to meet for a drink. They agree to meet downstairs at the Lakeview.

Carly is in her new apartment and there is a knock on the door. It is Mr. Yee from the insurance company in Hong Kong. He is there to offer her a settlement for the death of Flashdance. He informs her that as a result of the ongoing investigation, they are willing to settle for a portion of the value of the horse. Carly is surprised to see that the figure has six zeros and asks where she signs. Carly signs the paperwork and Mr. Yee declares the case closed and leaves. Carly is excited about the money she recieved and decides that it's time to settle old debts and leaves.

Holden is in the barn when Rose comes in. She tells him that she was worried about him. He wants to know why. She knew that he and Lily were going to talk things thru and that things would be out in the open. He tells her that Lily has done some soul searching. She asks him where that leaves the two of them. She tells him that she can't take it. He tells her that it's only been a few hours and nothing has been settled yet. She tells him that she's a big girl and she can take it. He is upset and tells her that he is caught between the two of them and Lily wants him back. He is not about to be shoved into a decision by either one of them. He then apologizes to Rose for yelling at her. He tells her that they had discussed this before and that he can make no promises. She tells him okay, that she will never forget or regret anything. He asks her if that means she is going to move out. He tells her that he and Lily are not back together and that he is not going to go back to the old life. Rose asks him what's stopping him this time. He tells her that it's her. She thinks that she drives him crazy. He tells her she doesn't drive him crazy, but that he's crazy about her. It's not over by a long shot. Rose is surprised by what she hears and asks him to repeat what he said. He tells her that he is not going back to Lily. He tells her that he has family to think about and that he can't make a decision about the two of them yet. She tells him that her love never waivered, and she never doubted it. When he figures things out, he knows where to find her. He tells her he will find her. Rose leaves.

Carly is at the farm to see Holden. She finds him in the barn and he asks her what she wants. She tells him that she wants to repay him for boarding Flashdance and that she has a check for him. It includes the boarding fees and extra to buy Abigail a new horse. He tells her that this is unexpected and that she didn't have to do this. She tells him that she has a new motto. Never let a debt go unpaid. She tells him to let her know if he needs more money for the new horse. He asks her if he can find her at Craig's. Carly tells him that she is no longer there. She tells him that you have to know when to cut someone out of your life. Holden tells her it's harder than you think. She responds saying that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And then leaves.

Rose is sitting in the kitchen at the farm re-reading the letter that Holden had given her when he thought that she was Lily. She decides that she is going to help Lily out. She calls Isaac to see when Simon works next. Since he works tonite, she calls Lily and asks her to meet at Java Underground. Lily is hesitant, as she just got back, but agrees to meet Rose after she takes care of the kids.


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