As The World Turns Update Friday 3/2/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 3/2/01

By Glynis

Molly and Abigail are together and Molly tells her that she thinks that Jake is going to propose to her, but the babies made a fuss and he didnít get a chance to do it. Jake comes out and finds them talking. He wants to know what they are so happy about. Abigail says that they were talking about girl stuff. She is going to the library, but will stay with the babies if they need her. Jake tells her that she can go. Molly is there and can take care of things if they need to be taken care of. Abigail gets her things and leaves the apartment. Jake canít understand her behavior and Molly just laughs at him. Jake wonders if the girls are bothering Abigail. Molly tells him that the girls are fine and Abigail is fine. Jake tells her that there is something that he needs to talk to her about. Molly thinks that is great. She is all ears. He thinks that his girls are going to be a handful and he thinks that he canít stick Molly with the responsibility. Molly feels that Vicky wants her to raise the girls and that is why she was brought into the whole situation. Jake leaves the room to make breakfast. She canít believe that he didnít ask her to marry him. He thinks that he should hire a nanny.

Craig and Barbara are in bed together in the Dominican Republic. They have just made love and are lounging in their time together. They get up and talk about their lives together. She thinks that she canít pick up another relationship so soon after being with Hal. Craig thinks that he has blown it. She is not frightened to be with him. It is her children and a lot of things. She is not afraid of what people might say to her. He tells her that what they have is rare and they have to hold on to it. Barbara thinks that she canít make another mistake, but Craig is willing to wait. In the meantime, they should make sure that what they are feeling has nothing to do with champagne. There is pounding on the door. It is Hal! "Barbara! Open up! Open up this door right now!" Barbara and Craig stop kissing with horrified looks on their faces. She finally opens the door, but she doesnít let him in. She tells him that what she is doing is none of his business. She tries to close the door, but Hal pushes it open and finds Craig there in a robe sipping champagne. Hal tells Barbara that Craig is a murderer and he can prove it. Barbara really wants to know what is going on this time. There seems to be a sound of truth to what Hal is saying this time. She looks to Craig for the answers to the questions in her mind, but Craig just continues to sip his champagne.

Carly brings Parker to a diner and Jack is there. Jack greets Parker and tells him that he really missed him. Carly doesnít want him to get into another big involved scene with either her or her son. She gets her son and starts to leave. Jack stops her and tells her that he is sorry for what has happened. She thinks that he should ignore her. This isnít what she wants, but she has to find a way to survive. This is not going to be easy, so he should stop trying to block her way. She has been in his arms and in his bed. She has been in his thoughts and his prayers. She has loved him and lost him and he canít start treating her like someone he has occasional beer with. She wants all of him, or none of him. He agrees to her terms.

Isaac walks into his club with Julia. Julia gets to spend some time with Lisa. Julia is meeting Jack later and she just stopped by for a moment to visit. She thinks that Jack has stopped seeing Carly, but she still doesnít feel good. Jack is so tense. She is sitting there and he is trying to figure out what she is going to do next. She should remember that Jack chose her. Jack should know now that Jack needs her. She wants him to know that he is not going to regret this. It is going to take some time. She has to give him that beautiful smile and sooner or later Jack is going to stop feeling sorry for himself and one of these days, Jack is going to open up and it wonít be to Carly. Julia canít stand it. She has to know where she stands.

Julia walks into the diner and sees the three together. Jack, Carly and Parker. Jack is hurt after having been dumped by Carly once and for all, and Julia is left there to look at Carly and her son. Jack goes back to Carly to talk some more. Julia sits and listens to their conversation. Carly is telling him that she is feeling pain. He is feeling pain too. Jack is not going to let go. Julia walks up to them and wants to know what he is not going to let go of. Jack turns to her horrified. Carly leaves them alone and Julia sits with Jack and demands to know what he wants. He tells her that what he really wants is to have some breakfast. That is not the right answer and Julia gets up in a huff and walks away from the table. He follows her. She tells him that she is leaving and she is sick of playing a supportive role in her own life. She walks out. Jake pays for the food and leaves the diner. Carly has witnessed everything that went on with Julia and Jack. After Jack leaves the restaurant, he looks in the window at Carly and Parker.

Jake shows up at the club looking for Isaac. He shows Isaac a picture of his girls. He tells that he brought his daughtersí home. Isaac wants to know the story now. Jake tells him that Vicky lived longer than they thought. He found out that his girls were alive and who had them, so he was able to bring his girls home. Jake wants to thank him for helping him to accept that Vicky was dead. He didnít lose everything because he has those two babies. Isaac thanks him for thanking him. Jake should be happier even though he says that everything is great. They have coffee together. Isaac wonders how Molly is taking the news. Jake tells him that Molly is having a great time with the girls. Isaac can tell that Jake is not as happy as he should be. Last night, Jake was close to asking Molly to marry him and then the girls started crying. They had to take care of the girls and he realized that he couldnít ask Molly to marry him. It would be like he was trying to ask Molly to baby-sit. Isaac thinks that it would be a compliment to her to let her be the girlsí mother. Jake thinks that Molly would try to help him and he canít ruin her life like that. Isaac thinks that he should ask her before assuming that it wouldnít be a good thing for Molly.

Jake goes home and finds Molly there. He asks her if she would like to be married to him. He wants her to take care of their babies together. He wants to dance with her at their wedding. He wants to remember the memories of their lives together when they are old. He wants her to be his wife. She is crying and she tells him yes. She would love to be Jakeís wife. They hug and kiss in celebration. Abigail walks in with the two girls and they all sit together. Jake tells Abigail that a family happened.

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