As The World Turns Update Wednesday 2/28/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 2/28/01

By Laurie  

The autopsy report comes back and shows that Mei-Lin died from cyanide poisoning. from the capsule that was found in her mouth. Hal tells Jack that Craig killed her just like he did Winston.

Craig tells Carly that he didn't kill Flashdance. He wonders why she would think he would kill the horse since there was a big settlement involved. Meanwhile, after he finds out where Barbara is, Craig rushes to the airport to fly to the Dominican Republic. Carly goes to the station and blames Hal for her horse's death. Jack and her talk and she wants to know about their future together. That the horses death won't change things. Jack tells her that they have no chance of being together.

Hal goes to Barbara's to tell her about Craig murdering Mei Lin, and he learns that Barbara's on the island to get her divorce.

Margo greets Tom in his new office and he proudly shows off a lawyer's "shingle" featuring his name sent by his daughter Lien. Ben comes in and asks for his help with the adoption of Curtis. Tom tells him that he is busy right now but can help once he clears some of his work. Margo make a suggestion to hire Lien to work in his office. Ben learns and Isaac talk and he learns that he relationship with Isaac's mother Cheryl Thompson, and also once tried to adopt him. Isaac tells Ben he met Cheryl after Curtis was born but never learned who his father was and tried to help Curtis after realizing Cheryl had problems.

Simon is in court for damaging Lucinda's living room. Katie goes in against Simon's protest and persuades Lucinda to ask Jessica to drop the charges. Lucinda agrees to drop the charges and promises not to tell Lily about Katie not being pregnant. Simon is then grateful to Katie for convincing Lucinda to drop the charges. ~The End

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