As The World Turns Update Wednesday 2/28/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 2/28/01

By  Glynis

Carly comes to the police station and sees Jack there. She lost the horse, but it isnít as important as losing Jack. Julia is his life and she needs him. Carly needs him. The things that are wrong in her life are real and not psychological. Her future collapsed with that dead horse. Craig may throw her out. She is in a custody battle for Parker. What can she do to get his attention? She canít compete with Julia. Julia won. She got Jack to stay and she has lost everything. Jack moves to her and holds her shoulders. He has to leave her now. He is late. Julia is expecting him to spend time with her. Jack wishes that he could be there for her. She tells him to go and let her be. He is only making things worse for her. Jack leaves.

Katie goes to see Lucinda outside the courtroom. It is Simonís trial. She tells Lucinda that she was the one that got between Simone and Lily. Lucinda is glad that she is not Katieís mother. Sooner or later Katie is going to have to face the music. Katie can see it now. Lily will come back rushing to save Simon. Katie tells her that she can make sure that Simon is never available for Lily again. Lucinda doesnít want to prosecute Simon anymore. She thinks that she may have made a mistake. The DA thinks that she canít just drop the case, but she will. This is the case of Simon driving through the house. The DA decides to drop the case if Simon will agree to 6 months of supervision. Simon accepts the deal and realizes that Katie once again has come to his rescue.

Tom and Margo are together discussing his daughter. He doesnít want her to risk feeling obligated to him. Margo wants him to call her on the phone and have her back to Oakdale. She will see the work that he has to offer and then he could make a pitch to her. He would like to work with his daughter. Tom is happy with Margoís idea and is going to take her out to lunch. Tom makes the call to Leanne Hughes.

Ben is with someone who is advising him to get someone to look into Curtisí file. She is a social worker. She tells him that someone tried to adopt Curtis earlier and he may not even know about it. The social worker never found out who the person was that was trying to adopt Curtis. Curtis will look into it and see what he can do. The social worker leaves and Isaac walks in he wants to know what is up with the adoption. Ben tells him that there could be a problem. Someone else tried to adopt Curtis. If it is a blood relative, they might still have a claim. Isaac thinks that Curtis doesnít know anything about the adoption attempt before. Isaac tells him that he was the one that almost tried to adopt Curtis long ago. This could have stopped Ben from being able to adopt. Isaac could have been Curtisí father. Isaac was involved with Curtisí mother. She had some real problems and it didnít last. She never said who the father was. When he broke up with Cheryl, Curtis was a baby. Cheryl wasnít the right person to raise a child. She agreed at first to letting Isaac raise the child, but then she changed her mind. Ben is more interested in knowing if Isaac is Curtisí father. Isaac is sure that he is not the father. Even if Cheryl had given her okay, the social worker wouldnít have let him adopt the child. Cheryl never gave up her rights to Curtis.

Hal come over to Kimís house to see Barbara. He really needs to know where she is. Kim tells him that Barbara is out of town. He wants to know where she is. Kim doesnít want to say where she is. Finally, she tells that Barbara has gone to the Dominican Republic. Hal figures it out that she has gone there to get her quickie divorce. She canít believe that Barbara would do this. He thought that he could still work things out. Kim is not sure that Craig has that much influence on Barbara. Hal is going to make sure that Craig doesnít make it down there to be with Barbara. He is sure that Craig is a killer and he doesnít want him near Barbara.

Simon goes home and finds Katie working on a car. He is very impressed. He is in a good mood after what she has done for him. She is wearing overalls and working on the cars. He thinks that he owes her. She doesnít think that he should be surprised. She offers to take care of him and she shouldnít be surprised. She told Lucinda that she would tell Lily that she was never pregnant if she doesnít drop the charges. Simon is very appreciative.

Barbara is in the Dominican Republic and she has a very beautiful room there. She looks at her wedding ring and slowly takes it off. She looks at it some more and then she puts it in her purse. There is a knock at the door and she rushes to it to find Craig at the door. He says, ĎSurprise! I couldnít stay away."


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