As The World Turns Update Tuesday 2/27/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 2/27/01

By Glynis

Margo is searching for answers from her brother. Hal is there in the police station and Hal is ready to beat Craig with everything in him. Craig warns Hal that if he doesn’t behave, he is going to lose his badge. Hal asks him how he is going to pay off the mob if his horse is off to the glue factory. That is right the horse is dead. The horse died an hour ago. Craig denies putting Mei Ling up to killing the horse. Hal knows that he is broke. Craig was depending on the horse to pay off his bills. Now it doesn’t matter that Mei Ling may or may not roll on Craig. Anyway, you slice it, Craig is dead. Craig and Cass hurriedly leaves. Margo is having trouble believing that Craig is a murderer. Hal is going to question Mei Ling. As long as Hal has Mei Ling as a witness, Hal has Craig where he wants him.

Bryant and Jennifer are with Gabriel. He has faked his own death and Bryant is sure that Gabriel is wanted by a few different states. Gabriel suggests that he be allowed to make things better for them. He thinks that they should all meet for lunch. Ruby would like to meet with them, both of them. Bryant thinks that they should meet the two so that he can find a way to clear himself. Jennifer is sure that Bryant is going to get more into trouble. Gabriel wants to talk to Bryant. He says that Ruby only did what she was told. Ruby feels terrible. She is still quite fond of Bryant. Bryant thinks that there was a part of her that wanted to do the right thing. Gabriel wants another chance to make things better. Ruby and Gabriel were naughty but they didn’t mean to get Bryant into trouble. He thinks that they could make the entire thing go away. Gabriel will find them when the time is right. Bryant wants to follow Gabriel, but Jennifer thinks that it won’t be okay. Jennifer thinks that this is a huge mistake. He has a good instinct that he is being conned again. He wants to meet them again to play it out and see what they are up to. He might be able to prevent someone else from being hurt. He won’t be just waiting to be thrown in jail. He promises to be careful. He wants to go alone. Jennifer is not going to let him out of her sight.

Carly and Jack are at the boathouse discussing his marriage. Carly thinks that Julia is just as responsible for the way that things have turned out. Jack is trying to take all the blame once again. He is feeling guilty for Julia’s situation and he will not let her down. He owes her and Carly will have to understand that. Jack thinks that Julia only opened her heart to him. He can’t take back all his promises to her. He has to live with the consequences. She shouldn’t have to suffer at all. If she took the bottle of pills he could never live with that. Carly hates the way that Julia uses Jack’s decency against him. People may think that Carly pushed her to her sadness. Jack doesn’t want people saying ugly things about them. It seems that they do see things differently. She has been told to go to hell more times than she can count. He is sure that he feels the same way. She doesn’t’ want to be with a man that is ashamed of her. Somewhere deep inside, Jack isn’t sure what he thinks of a woman like her. He is very noble and trying to protect her and Julia. He can’t risk what is safe and she thinks that the both of them may not belong together after all. She wants to know if they have a future together or not. What will it be? A new life together, or his new one? His phone rings and he answers to the police station. He finds out that he has to leave right away. He turns to Carly. She demands to know what is going on. He tells her that her windfall is not going to happen. Her million-dollar horse is dead.

Gabriel gets in the car and Ruby is waiting for him. Gabriel thinks that he has snagged enough interest from Bryant to get them to cooperate. He thinks that one day he can buy Lucinda Walsh’s house for Ruby. She smiles at the thought, but still is not 100% in sync with Gabriel.

Will opens the door and Craig is there to talk to the boy who is alone. He finds out that Barbara is gone on a trip. He names the Dominican Republic and the child recognizes that name and confirms that is where his mother is. Craig is happy with the information and leaves right away.

Hal comes to see Mei Ling in her cell. He walks up to the cell and finds her lying on the floor of the cell. She seems to be sleeping peacefully, but in fact she is dead and Hal knows that just from looking at her. "Oh hell…. Oh bloody hell."

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