As The World Turns Update Monday 2/26/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 2/26/01

By Glynis

Craig and Carly discuss the horse and what it is worth. She tells him that she is not amused or confused. She is willing to go half with Craig for sharing the horse. Craig tells her that the money that bought this horse is his. That doesnít negate the idea that the horse was left to her. Craig acts like he doesnít know what she is talking about. Carly has gotten to know him very well. He is either after the horse or Barbara. She thinks that he should take the horse. She canítí see it now. Craig and Barbara leaving in a big house all paid for and owned by Barbara. She reminds him that he is broke, but he looks good in a suit and he must be good in bed. He is probably used to this life by now. She wishes him true love with Barbara then if he doesnít want the horse. Craig almost agrees when there is a knock on the door. It is Cass. He greets Carly who is very grateful to him for his help. Craig and Cass leave to go and see Mei Ling at the police station. Carly wants to know what is going on. They tell her nothing. Carly calls Abigail and asks if she can watch Parker for a little while. She has to go out for a while. She needs to see her favorite fella.

Hal is working with Margo at the station. They go to check on the horse and find that it is dead. It is Flashdance, the horse worth a lot of money. The vet is coming to let them know what happened to the horse.

Julia is with Jack at home. He is really worried about her. She keeps telling him that she is better, but she keeps acting weird. Sometimes now matter how hard she tries, the world is still falling down around her. She wishes that she could forget things and go back to the way that things used to be. They used to make plans and sleep together and tell each other their dreams. He thinks that all couples have their problems. He wants her to see Dr. Michaels. She is still confused and he thinks that she could get help from her doctor. He thinks that soon everything that she is worried about will be in the past. There is going to be good times ahead for the both of them, She is not sure if she is in his future having a great time with him. Is she in his future? She needs to know. He thinks of the both of them very happy with all of their dreams coming through. He can't tell her that she will be with him in his dreams. He knows that this is about Carly. Everything leads back to Carly. He will not leave her for Carly. She knows that he is her husband and her best friend. When she saw him at Fashion Statement, she realized that he wasnít going to give up on them. She wants to have his baby. He is the only thing that she believes in and depends on. If he ever broke those vows that he made to her, it would break her heart. She loves him and if he ever left her, she would be capable of almost anything. He takes her hand. He doesnít feel the same, but he lets her talk anyway. The phone rings and it is Carly. Jack has answered the phone and acts like it is a call from a guy. Carly wants to meet him at the boathouse. Jack agrees to meet her. He hangs up. Julia knows what he is going to say. She knows that he has something to do and she understands. She reminds him that no one needs him more than his wife. He tells her that he will be home soon. He will wrap things up once and for all and then he can give her his undivided attention. She kisses him goodbye and knows that she will see him soon.

Cass is at the police station talking with the guard and Mei Ling can hear him. Cass is there to represent Mei Ling. She hears that he is trying to get to her to help her. Mei Ling shouts that she hasnít retained an attorney. Cass tells her that he is there because of Craig hiring him. Craig is right outside. Mei Ling looks like she is going to puke. Cass leaves and Craig enters the room. He says hello to Mei Ling.

The vet has come to see the horse. It looks like the horse died of natural causes. Hal canít believe what he is seeing. No one has had contact with the animal. Just a cop and someone else that brings the food for the animal. Hal gets a call and the station. He finds out that Craig is at the station visiting with Mei Ling. Margo doesnít think that is such a big deal, but Hal does. Mei Ling is the only person that can finger Craig for murder.

Carly and Jack meet at the boathouse. She tells him that she is holding her own with Craig. She won the horse. She is going to get enough money to live in style. Everything is falling into place. She is very happy. She is going to have her son and she is going to be free. Who says that dreams canít come true? It is so close that they can almost taste it. When Julia is better they will be able to have it all. Jack says nothing throughout this whole exchange. She sees something in his eyes, but she doesnít know what it is.


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