As The World Turns Update Friday 2/23/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 2/23/01

By Glynis

Jack gets a visit at the police station from Juliaís doctor. She wants Jackís help. She doesnít want to go into details, but she thinks that Julia needs to continue seeing her. Julia told him that he didnít think that she needed to see her anymore. She told her doctor that she would continue seeing her doctor. She also threw away her appointment card. Jack thinks that the bulk of Juliaís problem has to do with her losing her child. Julia has been moody lately. They spoke about the appointment, but Julia said that nothing was wrong. He didnít know that she was unable to sleep. He didnít notice anything strange. The doctor thinks that throwing away the appointment card is not a big deal, but insomnia and irrational behavior make the doctor think that she is unstable. Jack turns from the doctor and picks up the phone to call home. The phone rings at home and Julia is there. The bottle of pills are on the desk, but empty. She slowly reaches for the phone but doesnít answer. She hears his voice on the answering machine, but still she doesnít answer. Jack thinks that he has the answers now. Julia got the pills from the doctor for some other reason.

Hal, Carly and Craig are at the hospital. Craig gets into a conversation with Hal telling him that Carly deserves full custody of her son. Hal tells him that will never happen. Hal tells her and Craig to forget about visits to Craigís suite. Cass has come with Craig to this meeting at the hospital. Hal tells Craig that he has no business there and Hal wants him to get out. Unfortunately, there are legal rights that are being denied here. Cass thinks that Carly has a solid case and Cass is going to help her to make that case. Cass tells him that he insists that Parker go home with Carly that night. Hal canít stand the thought of Parker being in Craigís home. Parker is brought out and Craig tells Carly to get her son and bring him home. Carly thinks that they can work this out between the two of them. Hal will not let Craig get his hands on his son. Halís situation is not going to take precedence over Carlyís. His situation has left Parker without a home. He has a heavy work situation. Carly on the other hand has time to stay with his son. Hal feels that he should get consideration for the time that he has already spent time with Parker taking care of him while Carly ran off and then returned to live with a crook. Parker is put into Halís arms. Craig asks him, "Why donít you just hand over Parker and stop with all this legal maneuvering?" John is there and he tries to talk to Hal about letting Parker stay one night with Carly. Cass assures him that things are much better this way. Carly wants to be with her son. Hal brings the child over to his mother and hands him over to her. Carly takes him and Hal looks like a man that has been defeated one time too many. Hal tells Craig that this isnít over. First his wife and family and now this. Hal vows that he will be after Craig to make him pay for what he has done. Hal walks over to his son and kisses him goodbye. He leaves and Carly thanks Cass for his help. Cass doesnít understand Craig beating down a man like Hal by getting to his kid. Cass leaves. Carly doesnít know what to say to Craig. Craig said that he made her a promise and he always keeps those. They leave to go home together.

Rose is with Holden. He is about to say something but changes his mind. He doesnít want her to think that there is more going on between them than she thinks. She wants to just share their time together and whatever happens after that, happens. He just doesnít want her to think that this is going to be some fantasy thing. She understands him and his hands-off policy. She thinks that he will be making no more moves on her. Sometimes when there is trouble, she is just what the doctor ordered. He touches her hair and soon they are rolling around in the hay together. After the lovemaking, they talk and hold each other. This is all they have. She can deal with this. She is a big girl. He thinks that she is a great girl. They start kissing again and soon they are at it again. After round two of lovemaking with Holden, Rose tells Holden that she is going to make a great cowgirl. TThey are standing naked in the barn and they start kissing again. They fall back into the hay and Holden shouts out, "Mama Mia!"

Joe is with Emma in the kitchen. He tells her that being in the wheelchair as he is has brought back bad memories for him from his past. Emma turns the subject to Holden and Rose. If they want to be together, they will. Joe is worried about that.

Jack is looking everywhere for Julia. He goes to Lisa. Jack tells her that Julia went to Dr. Michaels and got some pills and the pills are gone. Lisa thinks that they should not worry because Julia is probably fine. Lisa points behind her and there is Julia wondering what has Jack in such a stir. Jack runs to her and hugs her tenderly to him. Julia likes that.

Hal is at the station worrying and feeling blue over the events of his life and the things that have happened to him. He sees Parkerís little truck and just stares at it.

Carly and Craig arrive at the penthouse. She tells him that she has been keeping something from him. There is something important that she knows about. She knows where his money is. She has known for a very long time.

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