As The World Turns Update Thursday 2/22/01



As The World Turns Thursday 2/22/01

By Glynis

Jack and Carly talk about the future that they are going to have together. They are in the park and Parker is playing. Carly sees him going in front of the swings and shouts for him to stop. Both Jack and Carly run after him as other parents playing with their child watch. Parker has been hit in the head by a swing and Carly thinks that she should have been watching more closely. They have to take Parker to the hospital to see to the cut.

Craig is with Cass discussing Carly. Craig would like Cass to be his lawyer. Craig canít give him a retainer, but will pay him as they go along. Craig tries to hide that he is broke. Craig gets a call from Carly. She tells him that Parker has been hurt. Craig is sure that he will be fine. He will bring Parkerís teddybear for him. Craig gets off the phone and tells Cass that he forgot to mention that he lives with Carly. Craig makes a call to get a message to Hal to let him know that his son is at the hospital. Craig explains that he wants to do Hal a favour. Craig thinks that Carly has given him one up on her. There is something that she wants more than that horse that they will be fighting over.

(Shorter due to presdential address)

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