As The World Turns Update Wednesday 2/21/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 2/21/01

By Laurie

Julia goes to the station to see Jack. When Jack leaves for a moment, Julia starts to look in a file that is marked, Craig Montgomery. Jack catches Julia searching through his files and asks if she's still checking up on him. He tells her to get some professional help. During her session with Dr. Michaels, Julia only mentions her insomnia and nightmares since the miscarriage. The Doctor offers her sleeping pills. Julia steals a blank prescription papers from the pad, when the doctor's not looking.

Hal asks Mei-Lin to sign her statement implicating Craig. She wants to be set free and he says no. She tells him that she will deny her statement, and rips it up. Henry goes to visit her and jokes about her situation. She grabs him and demands that he makes Craig to bail her out. Henry advises Craig later that Mei-Lin is threatening to tell Hal "everything". Hal goes to Jack and asks him to get everything he can about Winston including his death certificate. Carly comes in and asks for Hal to release "her" horse. He says no unless she signs a statement that Craig killed Winston. She refuses to lie so Hal tells her that she'll lose access to Parker if she doesn't cooperate. She gets really upset and cries to Jack that Hal can't do this to her.

Katie goes to the garage, Simon is there. He wants to know why Henry was there that night and why she gave him money. She tells him that Henry has been blackmailing her. He doesn't believe her and then she finally admits that she lied about being pregnant. He tells her she ruined his life and Lily's. She says she did it because she was in love with him. He tells her she doesn't know what love is and she tells him that he can't be in love with Lily because he could never have her. Simon tells Katie that he is leaving and when he gets back, she better be packed up and gone.

~The End

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