As The World Turns Update Wednesday 2/21/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 2/21/01

By  Glynis

Carly is trying to show Hal that she is the owner of the horse. She shows him papers and yet Hal is very skeptical. Her husband kidnapped her and held her hostage. Hal thinks that there is more to Carly inheriting the fortune from Winston Lowe. Jack jumps in and tells Hal to back off. She wants her horse. Carly threatens to get a lawyer to get her horse out. Hal tells her that she can go ahead to get him hurt. He warns her that she will have the next time to worry about going to court. Henry is listening to the exchange in the police station. He has himself to worry about now and any information would help his situation. She reads him clearly. He is going to fight her for her son if she doesnít cooperate with him. She tells him that he can do whatever he thinks that he has to do, but she will not let him take her child away. Hal tells her that the state will take her child. She wonít be able to count on a place to live. She brings up that Hal lives in a boarding house. He canít take care of her son. He could do it before when he had a stable life. Now he has nothing. He reminds her that if it werenít for his generosity she wouldnít have her son now. Hal leaves. Jack is holding Parker and she takes him from Jack. Carly worries that Hal wants to take her son from her. How is she going to stop him?

Barbara is with Craig and they are having a nice visit together. He wants her to concentrate on getting her life in order. She smiles at him because she thinks that he can make up for Valentines Day, by getting to know each other better. Craig would love to do that but he has to refuse that offer. She is insulted. She thought that he would welcome the idea of running away with her. Craig tells her that Hal will be really upset if they run off together. She thinks that there is nothing that Hal will be able to do if she is divorced.

Henry is visiting Mei Ling in jail. She tells him that he is not safer with her behind bars. She wants him to go to Craig and tell him that she is being forced to come clean. There is a statement blaming Craig for everything. She wants Craig to cough up the bail money to free her. Henry better pray that he can convince Craig to get the money, or she will make sure that they all go to jail.

Julia visits a therapist to talk about her problems. She forgets things that she should remember. She canít eat or sleep and when she sleeps, she has nightmares. The dreams are always the same. She can hear the baby when she tries to sleep. She is trying to find the baby in the dreams and she is fighting to get to him and she knows that he needs her. Then she wakes up. The dreams are so real that she cries for hours. She is sorry for her loss. She doesnít want to be sorry; she wants to be the woman that she used to be. She used to be strong and fun and loving, but between losing her baby and her husband, her heart is shredding to bits. She doesnít think that her husband should stay with her. She doesnít want to ask for sympathy. She hasnít discussed this with her husband. Jack cares about her, he cares a lot. She doesnít think that he loves her anymore and that makes her feelÖ. She doesnít know how she feels anymore. She thinks that there is no hope for her anymore. She thinks that Jack has fallen in love with another woman. It is not some vague feeling. Carly has been in his life for a long time. Julia knows her. She is unavoidable. She is like death and taxes. Jack would tell her that she was worrying about nothing. Before she knows it she will drive him away for good. Her doctor thinks that she needs to get some rest. She gives Julia a prescription for rest. She should also exercise a little and if she still canít sleep, she should come back the following week. Julia takes the prescription and drops something from the desk on the floor. While the doctor is getting the item off the floor, Julia steals some of the doctorís prescription sheets and leaves the office with the sheets concealed. She rips up the written prescription that she received for her health and pockets the blank sheets.

Simon has found out that Katie has been lying to him about being pregnant. He wants her gone. He doesnít want to see a single thing to do with her there when he gets back. She begs him not to kick her out. She reminds him that he could be deported. She canít believe that he doesnít care about her. Now that she is not pregnant, he doesnít care about her at all. He walks out. She talks to herself hoping that he will not leave her. Katie knows that Simon will always have her. It is a new beginning. She is sure that things will be great. He needs Katie. She is sure of that. She is not going anywhere.

Henry shows up while Craig is talking to Barbara. Barbara leaves. Henry tells him that Mei Ling is ready to tell everything to keep from being in jail. He also tells Craig that Carly is in danger of losing her kid if she doesnít cooperate with Hal. Craig tells Henry that he appreciates Henry coming down to give him this news. He needs to take care of something right now.

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