As The World Turns Update Tuesday 2/20/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 2/20/01

By Glynis

Vicky is watching Jake and Molly with her daughters. Finally she is at peace. Jake and Molly have uncovered the secret at last and now Vicky can rest. She tells them that it is time. She can’t stay much longer. Jake doesn’t want to say goodbye. Molly gives them time alone. She tells him that she will always be there. Everything is going to be all right. He doesn’t think that everything is going to be alright. She is not going to be alone. She is going to be with Bridget, her dad…. There is no alone where she is going. Jake starts crying. He wants to be able to see her again. She tells him that people’s souls are connected forever. She thinks that is right and how it is with them. It doesn’t matter if he sees her or not. He is always going to be a part of her. She starts to vanish. Jake breaks down crying and Vicky disappears into a bright little start and vanishes. Molly hopes that she can pull this off…raising 2 little girls with Jake. The girls are quiet and content to be with Jake and Molly. Molly is starting to get a little chilly, but now that Vicky is gone, they should get inside. They start walking and Jake turns and looks at the ground. He finds a yellow rose. Jake picks it up. Molly reminds him that the yellow rose is the truest form of love. Jake takes the rose and places it on Vicky’s gravestone. He tells her goodbye one final time. The new family leaves the cemetery.


Bryant and Jennifer are talking about the man that they are looking for to prove Bryant innocent. He would like to set up a trap to catch the culprits. Jennifer thinks that it would be fun to watch Ruby get caught by the police. Jennifer wonders how she can be happy and scared at the same time. He thinks that she is talking this way because of something that he has done. It is not him. She has this feeling because of her mother and father separating. He is not going to let her go. She doesn’t have to worry about that. He kisses her.


Ruby and her cohort, Gabriel discuss leaving Bryant alone. Ruby thinks that they should move along. Gabriel is not satisfied with the life that they have been leaving. It is time for them to make a really strong move in this particular case. He tells her that someone has been trying to break into their family crypt. He has a description of the person that tried to break into the crypt. Now she knows that they have to leave town. Gabriel thinks that Bryant is the ticket to getting what they want. He is not going to give up. Gabriel likes the idea that Bryant is not going to give up. That will lead him right to them.


Isaac and Ben discuss Curtis and his other. His mother has shown up on the scene and Curtis is worried that his mother may try to stop the adoption. Ben decides to hire an attorney the following day to take care of the matter.


Simon is talking with Katie about Henry and him not realizing that she was so close to Henry. He saw her giving him money earlier on and demands to know what is going on. She tells Simon that Henry is broke and needed some money. He hasn’t got any friends right now and she thought that she would help him with some cash. He came late because he didn’t want Simon to be around when he got the cash. Simon thinks that a former TV executive shouldn’t be taking money from a mechanic’s wife. She tries to cover for what Simon has seen but it doesn’t seem to be working. Simon thinks that Katie is hiding something and soon he figures it out. He remembers Henry wearing lipstick…dressed as a woman in a doctor’s office not too long ago. Katie is busted. She chews on her swizzle stick, trying to come up with a way to deal with this little problem. He asks her to admit it. Henry knows something and he is getting money from her. He suspects that Henry knows that Katie is as pregnant as he is. There is no baby is there? Katie has been found out. She can’t face the truth, not right now. She goes running from the shop and Simon lets her. He feels that he has finally found out the secret that Katie has been keeping all along.


Ben asks Curtis about his mother. Curtis doesn’t like that subject at all. Curtis says that he never thinks about his mother. He only thinks about Isaac and Ben. They are his family now and that is what he wants. Ben hugs him.



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