As The World Turns Update Monday 2/19/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 2/19/01

By Glynis

Julia is at the hospital and finds Jack with Carly. Carly tries to defend her reasons for being there. Everyone knows that Julia has been jealous lately and that she wants Carly to stay away from Jack. Carly tells Holden that Flashdance is hers and she wants him right away. She knows that Holden bought the horse but it is stolen property and he canít possibly think that he can keep it, but the horse belongs to her. She is willing to stud him out. She learns that Flashdance is in custody with the police. The horse is evidence and will be kept until the case is solved. She will have to wait a while. Carly thinks that they should let her have her horse. Carly will have to get a stable to keep the horse. Carly leaves and Emma arrives. Julia is not holding up well. Holden tells Jack that Craig showed up at the stable and tried to buy the horse. Jack thinks that is strange if he thinks that he owns the horse. It seems like a desperate move. Holden and Emma go to see Joe. Julia and Jack are alone and she slaps his face. She canít help it. The smell of the hospital, the colours of the walls make her sick in hospital. Jack offers to take her home. She thinks that he is treating her like a patient and she snaps at him. She hasn't been sleeping lately and she has nightmares about the baby. The baby is five years old and looks like Jack. The 3 of them are going to the movies. They are having an argument and the baby goes missing. She canít find him anywhere. She is so sorry for everything, and Jack tells her that there is nothing to be sorry about.

Craig is at Tom and Margoís house. Tom tells him that the horse is going to make him bankrupt if he tries to fight for it. Margo thinks that Craig should share the horse, but that is not an option for Craig. He wants it all. Margo tells Craig that Mei Ling wants to cut a deal. He is the deal. Mei Ling is willing to give Craig up for her freedom. Hal is after Craig and will do anything to get Craig. Craig tells them that they are making a big mistake. The people that are behind this are big and will stop at nothing to get what they want. They are not above hurting women and children to get what they want. He tells Margo that Lucy and Sierra are in danger and the police canít protect them from these people. He leaves. Margo thinks that things falling apart are her fault. She canít let her brother walk out upset like that. Tom tries to tell her that it isnít her fault.

Jake and Molly get to meet the girls. They are at the Clochesí home. Jake gets to hold his babies for the first time. Bridgett and Michelle are beautiful girls. Before Vicky died, she wrote the names down and made the Cloches remember it. Both the childrenís names have significant meanings. They are named after people that Vicky and Jake knew in their lives at another time. Jake is grateful to the Cloches for everything that they have done. They knew that they have to give the girls up so that they can be with their real families. They couldnít live with themselves if they tried to keep the girls from them. A clean break would be best. The girls should be taken now. All agree with that. Jake thinks that is best because there is someone that would like to see the girls. He takes the girls to the cemetery. He thinks that Vicky would be glad to see him with her girls. This would make her be at peace. He talks to Vicky. He tries to pry her out of her world to come and see what he has done. He understands now what the whole journey has been about and why she couldnít rest. She wanted her girls to be safe and with family. He wants her to see the children. A bright light comes from the ground and Vicky appears. She is still and for once content. Jake and Molly are holding the girls and Vicky is very happy. She is smiling as she sees her girls with their father. All are happy.

Joe gets a visit from Emma, Holden and Rose. Joe is in a good mood. He worries that he will have to go back to Jersey after he gets out of the hospital, but Rose wants him to stay there in town. Joe refuses to stay in her apartment. It is too small. Rose thinks that she is going to take care of Joe no matter where he is. She is even willing to go back to Jersey with him to take care of him. Emma tells him that he will come to her house to stay. Rose can come too. There are plenty of chores on the farm and room for them to stay there. Joe and Rose like that idea a lot. Rose especially likes the idea. She will be able to stay close to Holden and that makes her happy.

Craig is back at his penthouse and having a drink. Carly is there. He says that having Carly around has really been fun. She thinks that he is kicking her out, she keeps secrets from him. She is not sure what he is talking about. He remarks that he heard that someone tried to rob the Schneider farm. He wonders what is of value at the Schneider farm. Carly pretends not to know what he is talking about. He tells her that she has been helping him out, with his getting divorced. His family has not been supportive, but thatís okay, since he has friends like her. They are still partners and he likes knowing that when they get their big score, they will split it fifty-fifty. That is a real comfort to him. Carly panics, but keeps it to himself.



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