As The World Turns Update Friday 2/16/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 2/16/01

By Laurie

Bryant goes to Craig's and wants proof that he stole his money out of his trust fund. He looks through the suite, but doesn't find anything. Craig tells him that Lucinda signed the papers too, but Bryant doesn't believe him. Craig tells him that he is going to get back at Lucinda. He said he let her run his life and his family's life long enough. He said he left Sierra so he could get out from under Lucinda and be his own man. Craig tells Bryant that he is living under Lucinda too and he is living off her money and in her pool house. Bryant gets mad and doesn't want to hear anymore.

Julia tries to get Jack to stay home for the evening. Jack says he has to work a double shift. The phone rings and its Carly. Jack pretends its someone else and goes outside. he tells Carly that he will meet her before he goes into work. Julia picks up the extension and hears all of this. Jack hangs up and goes back into the house, not knowing Julia listened. He tells her he is leaving and she tells him she will be fine by herself while he is gone. He leaves and the phone rings again. She assumes it's Carly, but its Hal. She tells him that Jack is on his way to the station. She is angry and was going to call Jack but changed her mind. She tells herself she doesn't want to hear anymore lies and that nobody will take Jack away from her again. She'd rather die first. She goes to Craig's house and tells him that Carly is betraying him and will destroy him. He wonders why he should believe her and she tells him that Carly is going to take the horse before he gets a chance.

Hal tires to get through to Hong Kong to get the autopsy of Winston Lowe. Carly comes in with Parker. Hal tells her he moved out of Barbara's but he and Parker will be fine. He questions Carly about the night Winston died and if Craig was around when it happened. She tells him that Craig had nothing to do with it and he had a bad heart. Hal asks her why she is still living with Craig and if they have a deal going on. She tells him they don't. He wonders if Craig killed Winston to help Carly escape Winston. Carly tells him he didn't and to just let it go and get on with his life. Carly leaves.

Carly and jack meet at the boat house. She opens a bottle of Champagne and makes a toast to their future. Jack tells her that his heart is breaking because he is worried about Julia. Carly tells him that Julia will be fine and they start talking about their future.

Molly and Jake go to Cloches house, but nobody is home. The break in the house and discover that Cloche and his wife must have left town. Molly and Jake look around the house for anything of the twins and don't find anything. Molly finds a picture of Cloche and his wife and she is in her wheelchair. The same wheelchair that Molly dreamt of. She thinks the babies are still alive and they keep looking. Molly looks in the kitchen cupboard and finds baby food. The date is still current. Jake looks in a laundry basket and finds two identical pink dresses. Size 18 months. He holds them and now he believes they are still alive. Molly and Jake leave to find Cloche before he gets away. They go to Cloche's boathouse and finds him there. Jake demands to know where his girls are. They tell him they were at his house and they found the baby food and dresses. Cloche says the twins died and he buried them. Jake tells him he is lying. Mrs. Cloche comes in and tells them to stop and it's all gone too far. Then, they hear the girls crying.

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