As The World Turns Update Thursday 2/15/01



As The World Turns Thursday 2/15/01

By Glynis

Simon arrives home with Katie from jail and finds balloons everywhere. Katie wishes him a happy Valentines Day. She has ordered Chinese food for them, but he feels that he has to go. She tries to stop him, but he has errands to do. She knows that he is going to see Lily. She tells him that she wonít take him back. Katie tells him that she would have come to bail him out if she cared. She could have gotten him out in one phone call. He tells her not to wait up for him and he leaves. Katie is disappointed once again. She pops all her balloons violently. Katie is home feeling blue and sitting alone thinking to herself.

Mei Ling is in jail and Hall is questioning her. She is not cooperating. He wonders if the people that she works with will let her live long enough to return to Asia. Mei Ling then rolls over. She wants to be protected from Craig. When he saw her at the farm, she could tell that he is very angry. Hal tells her that he will protect her if she gives him something that will stick. She tells Hal that Craig gave money to Winston Lowe for microchips. Hal doesnít want that information. Hal knows that she has known Craig for a very long time. She is someone that could put Craig on ice for a very long time. Mei Ling is suspicious of Halís determination. What is Mei Ling so afraid of Craig? There are things that she knows about Craig that could put him away. She tells him about a murder. She has some information that could help Hal. Hal is very interested in this. She tells him that Winston Loweís sudden death was aided by outside influences. Winstonís death was a poisoning. His death was made to look like it was natural. She was posing as a servant for Winston. She didnít know that his liquor was laced with an overdose of his heart medication. The syndicate swept the evidence under the rug. Craig was the one that killed Winston. She demands protection. She will not testify unless she gets a deal and a lawyer. Hal tells her that he will work things out with the District Attorney. Hal realizes that Barbara is in deep trouble. He wants to phone her, but he also knows that Barbara will never believe him. She wonít believe that Craig is a murderer.

Craig is on the phone talking to an associate. He is telling his friend that Mei Ling is spilling her guts so that she wonít have to return to Hong Kong. He is being threatened.

Tom is with Lucinda and Bryant discussing the way that Craig has used Bryantís money. Bryant loses his temper and leaves the house against Lucindaís wishes.

Rose and Holden are together talking in the waiting area of the hospital. Mei Ling has just shot her father and they are waiting for an update on his condition. Rose and Holden talk very nicely together. Holden remembers his father. He holds her hand. His father died of a heart attack. They thought that Holden was too young to understand what was going on. His mother cried, people came over and brought flowers. What he remembers the most were the images that he had of his voice booming. Not knowing him would have been worse. He impacted Holdenís life. He watches his kids the same way. He assures her that Joe is going to be there for her. Emma arrives and greets the two of them. They tell her that Joe is in surgery. She tells Emma that she has family and she is not to forget it. The doctor comes out to talk with Rose. They find out that Joe is doing well. He isnít awake but he is going to be fine. He got through his surgery okay.

Simon arrives at Lilyís house and is about to knock. He turns to leave and then goes back to the door and knocks. The housekeeper answers the door and tells him that Lily is out of town. She canít say where and when she will be back. She is gone with her children for a while. The housekeeper closes the door

Jennifer is in the kitchen when her mother arrives. Barbara offers to get Jennifer something to eat. Jennifer notices that Barbara got rid of the flowers that she got from her father. She runs off upstairs to be away from her mother. Barbara gets on the phone and gets Craigís voice mail. She refuses to leave a message on Valentines Day. Where the hell is he?

Craig says that he will do as he is told to make sure that nothing happens to him. He will do anything. There is a knock on the door. He hurriedly ends his call and opens the door to a very angry Bryant. Bryant tells him that he is a lousy thief.

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