As The World Turns Update Wednesday 2/14/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 2/14/01

By Laurie

Holden is talking to Joe about Flashdance at the stables. Holden tells Joe that Dr. Wong from the Animal Welfare will pick up the horse. But he won't give him up without Jacks consent. Joe agrees to keep an eye on the horse until Holden returns.

Emily is in her office when Henry comes in to talk to her. He tried to get her to leave for a meeting. She wonders why he wants to get rid of her. Mei Lin waits outside Emily's office with a gun. She over hears the conversation inside.

Craig is in his suite and is talking to someone on the phone about where is money is. He hangs up and then gets a phone call from Lucy. He tells her he loves her, misses her and hopes she is ok.

Emily gets a phone call from Craig to meet with her for lunch. She agrees. Henry doesn't want Emily telling Craig about the horse. She leaves and Mei Lin comes in to talk to Henry. She tells him to drive the horse trailer to the Snyder farm. She tells him she chartered a plane and will take the horse with her. He doesn't want to help her until she pulls out a gun and tells him to do what she says.

Jake and Molly talk about how he remembered Valentine's Day and she didn't. She says how sweet he is even though he is going through the heartache with Vicky's death. He gives her chocolates and a C.D. he made for her. He promises things will get back to normal when they return to Oakdale.

Emily and Craig have lunch. He wants to know where is money is. Emily wants him to give up his share of the Intruder. He won't do it. She says then she won't tell him where the money is. He tells her she has to because his family's lives are at stake. He explains that the money was borrowed and he has to pay it back or his family will be in danger. Emily tells him the money is actually a horse. She tells him Henry has knows all along. Craig says he will fire Henry and leaves.

Dr. Wong (Mei Lin) goes to the Snyder farm to pick up Flashdance. Joe is there guarding it and tells her he doesn't know anything about anyone taking it and asks for documentation. Joe tells her he won't let her take the horse. Rose comes in and Dr. Wong grabs her and puts a gun to her. Joe has his shotgun on Dr. Wong.

Jake and Molly are back at the cemetery. He wants to take Vicky and twins back to Oakdale. Jake brings money with him to pay Cloche for taking care of Vicky and delivering the twins. He thanks Cloche and tells him he is taking them with him. Cloche tells him no. He says it will be too hard to find someone tot move them right now. Molly asks hi to please find someone. Jake gives him the money. Cloche doesn't want to take it at first and then does and says he'll make all the arrangements. He says he has to go and help his wife who is in a wheelchair. Molly and Jake start to leave when Vicky stops them.

Henry is back at the Intruder after leaving the Snyder Farm. Craig comes in and tells him that he knows Henry knew about the horse. Emily told him. He wants to know who is working for. Henry tells him, Mei Lin. Henry tells him that he didn't know the horse was his at first and that Mei Lin blackmailed him. He tells him that Mei Lin is at the Snyder Farm already, getting the horse.

Mei Lin is holding Rose when Holden comes in. Mei Lin shoots Joe. Holden grabs Mei Lin. Rose goes to Joe's side and he passes out.

Emily and Chris talk about Henry being fired. Now she gets to run the paper by herself and Chris can help her. He says he doesn't know what he wants anymore.

Vicky tries to tells Jake something about the babies. He tells her the babies are safe now. Vicky says there's m ore to it and to look at the stones. She says, Molly knows. Molly tells Jake that for some reason, Cloche doesn't want to move the graves. Molly looks at the stones. She says they are newer than Vicky's stone. Then she asks how Cloche got the money for the stones. She remembers the child's band aid on his hand and says maybe Cloche has kids at his house.

Chris tells Emily he doesn't want to work for the Intruder anymore because he wants to work for a better news paper. Chris wants to know here they are in their relationship. She says they make a great team. He says he wants more and leaves.

An ambulance come and take Joe to the hospital. Rose and Holden go together to the hospital also to be with Joe. Mei Lin gets arrested just as Craig shows up. He looks at the horse.

Molly and Jake figure out the stones must have been put there to make it look like they died. Molly says they are still alive.

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