As The World Turns Update Tuesday 2/13/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 2/13/01

By Glynis

Lucinda is telling Holden that Lily is leaving. Lucinda thinks that this is a great way for Lily to get Simon out of her skin. Lucinda knows that by the time that Lily returns, she wonít be interested in Simon anymore. Holden thinks that they shouldnít trick her into doing something for their own good. She knows the truth. They will be making her decisions for her. Holden thinks that she should be given the chance to make her own decisions. Lucinda is infuriated that Holden wants to play nice when they have a perfect opportunity to control the matter with Lily and Simon and getting Lilyís family back on track. They canít tell Lily, Lucinda thinks. Just then, they are interrupted. "You canít tell Lily what?" It is Lily. Holden tells her that Simon is in Jail. Lucinda tells her that she wanted to spare Lucinda pain. Holden felt that she should know right away. Lucinda tells her that she should look forwards and forget about what is behind her. Lily calls Luke over and asks him if he would like to go on a trip with his mommy. It will be a trip with a lot of different islands. It will be only him, his sister and his mother. It will still be fun and he will attend school on the trip. Luke wants to pack and asks his daddy to go with him. Holden picks up the child and walks from the room with him. Lily knows that Lucinda only has the best in mind for her, and she appreciates that. Lily picks up her daughter and leaves the room. Lucinda is crying, but she is sure that it is going to work. This time, it is going to work.

Carly is trying to get some legal help. Unfortunately, she has picked Tom who may be working for Craig. Tom doesnít want to work for her. He figures out that this has to do with Lucinda. She doesnít care; she is going to do what she can to get what she wants, even if it rubs Craig the wrong way.

Barbara is with Craig at a restaurant. He is telling her that he is not going to settle for half of her, he wants it all. He wonders how she is going to be with him when she hasnít completely given herself to him. He wants her to fly down to the Dominican Republic. She needs Hal to agree to her going. Craig wants to meet her there. He wants to be with her on that trip. He has something to offer her and he doesnít think that she will be able to pass it up. There is a chance that Hal could find out that Craig was with Barbara in the Dominican Republic. He thinks too much of marriage to let anything go wrong with them. He tells her again that he wants to spend his life with her. Her future has seemed so bleak. Craig thinks that a Caribbean vacation would be a great start. Carly is in the vicinity and agrees that a vacation would be great to get away from business. Barbara takes this as her cue to leave for work. She thanks Craig for the coffee and tells him that he should make some changes in his household. She leaves. Carly tells him that we all canít be winners. Craig is mystified by Carlyís behavior.

Simon is in jail and Katie is with him telling him that she is going to get him out of there and home. This is not good. The INS are still watching and hoping that Simon is going to screw up so that they can deport him. Simon is feeling very badly right now. He is sitting in his jail cell with his head down thinking of the mess that he has made of his life and wondering how he can fix it. Margo takes Katie aside and tells her that her life is a disaster. Her husband is in love with someone else and Margo would like Katie to recognize that there are things that she has to face. Why does Katie want to live like this? Her life is an obstacle course and yet Katie doesnít seem to mind, thinking that eventually, Simon is going to realize that she exists. Katie canít see past her love for Simon. She will stand by her man, no matter what. She is going to have his baby and that will make him finally love her. No one ever depended on her like this before. She is not going to let him down ever. Simon wants her to go home and leave him alone. He wants her to go and take care of the baby. She knows that this is not what they planned, but if that got Lily out of his system, then it was worth it. She is sure that everything is going to be better now. He will see.

There is a call being made to Holden by that mysterious oriental woman with the tattoo. No one is there and so she leaves a message on his machine. She is pretending to be Mrs. Wong. She tells him that she is to pick up a horse for safekeeping and will be out the following day to pick up the horse with a horse trailer.

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