As The World Turns Update Monday 2/12/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 2/12/01

By Laurie

Simon crashes through Lucinda's window and tells her that her judgment day has arrived. She tells him he is crazy. He tells her it's her fault he and Lily aren't together anymore. Margo and Katie arrive and Lucinda wants to press charges. Margo arrests him. Katie asks her not to, but she takes him anyway. Simon tells Lucinda before he leaves that he would do it all over again. Simon is at the station and Margo wants to get a statement. Katie's wants to call Tom for legal advice, Margo tells her no. Margo tells Simon all this charges and says he will either have a high bail, or in jail for a long time.

Hal is packing to leave. Jennifer comes and sees his bags. She starts to cry and asks him not to go. She says she will miss him and he tells her nothing has changes between them, she will always be his little girl. Barbara comes in and Jennifer gets mad at her tells her it's her fault. Hal gets ready to leave and Barbara stops him. Barbara tells him that she wishes things didn't end that way. He says he really wanted things to work. She tells him that it's not his fault, that it takes two. Hal tells her that the only reason she stayed with him is because he is the only man who would always love her. She says she still loves him but is not in love with him. He says he will leave but will never stop loving her. They were not a mistake. Hal leaves for the office and Barbara straightens up. Jen tells her she is selfish and doesn't want to be in the house anymore. Barbara listens to her messages on her machine and hears the one from Craig. She calls him back and tells him she will see him the next day.

Molly and Jake go to the cemetery and wait for Loche. The look for Vickie's grave and find it named, Jane Doe. He talks to Vickie and tells her he loves her and will never let her down again. He apologizes to Molly for putting her through it all. She says she will always be there for him. Molly finds two baby graves and Jake cleans them off. They are both marked, Baby Girl, died 11-14-99. He says they only lived for 3 days. Molly tells him that the twins are with Vickie and they are happy and safe. Loche comes over and tells them they found them. He tells Molly and Jake that Vickie made him swear not to put the babies in danger. Vickie told him that Jake would come after them. Molly wants to know why he lied about the babies after they died. Why didn't he tell the police about them if they were already dead and not in danger anymore? Loche tells them that he did everything he could to help them. Jake thanks him and Loche leaves. Jake says that maybe that now the twins and Vickie will be at some peace. He looks at the graves again and leave. Vickie voice says "No."

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