As The World Turns Update Friday 2/09/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 2/9/01

By Laurie

Lily goes to Lucinda's to talk. She says she told Simon it's over.

Katie is on her way to find Simon. Margo shows up and tries to stop her.

Simon goes to Java Underground. Isaac gives him a drink.

Jack's phone rings. It's Carly. She wants to meet him to talk about Winston's estate. He says he want to talk to her too. Says he has to be careful because Julia is getting worse. Craig asks Carly where she is going. She won't tell him. A man calls Craig and says he wants his payment. Craig says he needs more time. The man says to meet him at the Mill Town Alley.

Margo tries to stop Katie from leaving. Margo says Katie must really be in love because she is so concerned about Simon. Margo goes with Katie to look for Simon.

Simon asks for another drink. Isaac refuses. Simon says he'll leave. Isaac asks for his car keys and then he'll give him another drink. Isaac tells Simon that everyone knew about him and Lily.

Lucinda offers comfort to Lily. She tells Lily that she didn't mean to hurt anyone. Says she understands what Lily is feeling and going through. Lily thanks her and hays Lucinda's home is the only place she feels safe. But she needs to come out of hiding and confront her feelings.

Julia wants to spend a quiet evening at home with Jack. Jack says he has to go to the station. He'll be back in an hour. He leaves. Julia knows he lied and follows.

Simon talks about Lucinda. How it's her fault things went they way they did. He tells Isaac that he is going to her house to talk to her.

Lucinda tells Lily that she should have been a better mother, like Emma. Lily tells her she was a great mother and that's why she went to her. Lucinda admits she made mistakes and wants to make it up to her. Lily asks what she should do.

Craig goes to Mill Town Ally. There's nobody there. But, he sees pictures of Sierra and Lucy with big X's on them.

jack goes to see Carly at the boat house. Jack tells Carly that John told Julia about mood swings and depression. Carly asks if Jack is having second thoughts about their relationship. Julia shows up and listens to them. She overhears him telling Carly he loves her more than any other woman. He says nothing is going to change his love for her. He says Julia is beyond help. Carly tells him she will wait for him. Carly then tells him that Winston did not have any money.

Craig makes a phone call. Nobody is there. He yells into the ally that they don't threaten his family.

Isaac tells Simon he shouldn't go to Lucinda's. She'll throw him in Jail. Simon is very drunk by then, and says he is leaving. Since Isaac has his keys, he said he will walk. Isaac finds out that Simon gave him apartment keys, not car keys.

Lucinda tells Lily that she needs to think about what she wants Lily says she is confused and is tired of everyone telling her what she wants. Lucinda tells her to leave town for a little bit to gather her thoughts.

Carly tells Jack that Winston was bankrupt and he only left her a horse. Jack tells her the horse is in Oakdale, it's at Holden's. He explains how Holden bought the horse and that the horse is worth millions. Julia continues to watch and listen.

Craig calls Sierra to see is she and Lucy are OK. He tells her to tighten security but won't tell her why. He then calls Barbara and leave a message on her machine saying he needs her and wants to be with her. He doesn't want to wait anymore.

Julia continues to watch while Carly hugs Jack. Carly says that now she can get away from Craig forever. They kiss. Julia hides before they see her. When they leave, she comes back out and says she will not lose Jack again.

Katie and Margo go to Java Underground looking for Simon. Isaac tells them he went to Lucinda's.

Lucinda is home alone in her living room when Simon drives through the front window in his car. He says," Lucinda, your judgment day has arrived."

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