As The World Turns Update Thursday 2/08/01



As The World Turns Thursday 2/8/01

By Glynis

Katie is sitting with Simon in the car shop. He knows that Katie is really pregnant. He tells her that Lily didnít want to interrupt her family. Even if Katie werenít pregnant she wouldnít have left him. Maybe she never really loved him. Simon wanted to hurt her and so he told her that she never really loved him. He has to get out of there. He is putting on his coat and getting in his car. She wants to go out with him. She knows that he is drunk and she doesnítí want him to drive. He is sitting in his car and she is trying to reach into the car and stop him from driving, but he doesnít let her. He reaches out of the car and roughly pushes her away from him. She is thrown backward and she falls.

Rose is hiding listening to Lily and Holden talk. Lily has noticed how close Holden is getting to Rose. Lily finds that Rose is decent. Rose is great with the kids and she is helpful to Holden with the Flashdance issue. Holden has a new perspective on Rose because she has been very good to him. Holden makes a move to her and Lily tells him that she is very tired and would like to do some reading. He knows that there is something that she should probably say, but she doesnít have to say it just yet. On her way out, Lily bumps into Rose and then leaves the room. Holden tells Rose that Lily likes her.

Barbara and Hal are arguing again at the station in private. She wants him to stop his vendetta. If he continues to harass Craig he will lose his job. Hal believes that Craig strong-armed the commissioner. She tells him that he lost all perspective. He tells her that she gets her perspective from a champagne glass. He tells her that he loves her and it is tearing him apart to think of her. He is doing everything to stop Craig from being a danger to her. He maybe a lousy husband, but he is doing his best. She doesnít like him trying to control her. She is sorry but it is over and she doesnít want him to drag it out. She doesnít believe that Craig is going to hurt her. He wants her to move out. They have gone just as far as they can with their marriage.

Lucinda is explaining how Bryant is going to beat his theft rap in a diner. One way to make up for what he did is to stop Ruby ripping people off. Lucinda tells him to stay out of cemeteries. He needs to grow up. She wants him to have a clean record. He is not the criminal in the family, his father is.

Ruby and her cohort are sneaking around Lucindaís house in the dark. Ruby has found her signature and she is going to learn how to duplicate the signature. Ruby canít believe how rich Lucinda is. They are going to be visiting Lucinda a lot. She wonít know it but they are going to be her best friends. They hear a noise and rush to get out of the room.

Rose and Holden and in the stable with her father. He tells Rose and Holden that he didnít see anything that night. He leaves so that they can take over watching Flashdance. Rose and Holden are alone together. They get a blanket and sit under it together. He is quieter than usual and she canít get him to talk about Lily. What they have has nothing to do with her. Rose thought that Lily was going to tell Holden something important. She blurts out that Lily dumped Simon. Lily is talking weird and Rose thought that she was going to run back to Holden. Holden hears what Rose has said. Rose doesnít want to talk anymore about it. She is upset now that she has blurted out the truth. He thinks that it doesnít matter what she does now. Holden canít go back to her.

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