As The World Turns Update Wednesday 2/07/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 2/7/01

By Laurie

Bryant finds Jennifer, Abigail and Adam at the police station. He tells Hal that they didn't do anything. He is the one who broke into the mausoleum.

Katie tried on maternity clothes at Fashions. Lisa talks to Barbara about her and Hal's relationship. She tells Barbara that she should be careful and that it is dangerous juggling two men at one time.

Lily remembers Joe's advice. She also remembers her discussion with Holden and Emma. She goes to talk to Simon about their relationship. He tells her that he has been worried about her and they need to talk about their future since Katie is indeed pregnant. He wants to know if they have a chance or is she is walking out. He says he wants to be with her and that someday they will have a real home. Lily tells him no, they can't.

Kim is home alone and she misses Bob. She turns on the radio and starts to dance. Chris comes in and startles her. He says he is looking for Gram. Kim asks him what is wrong and he tells her that he loves Emily but she says it's over between them.

Barbara tells Lisa there's nothing left of her marriage. Rose comes in and looks at lingerie. Katie is there and starts to talk to Rose. Rose informs her that she is seeing Holden. Katie says she is pregnant with Simon's baby and that it changes everything.

Lily tells Simon that so many lives have been affected by their affair. The children, hers and his, will be confused and hurt b their relationship. She wants to end things between them.

Jennifer, Adam and Abigail say they were all with Bryant that night when he broke into the crypt. Bryant tells Hal that they didn't do anything, they were just there for the ride. he tells Hal that there was no body in the crypt only a plastic skull. Hal tells the others to leave so he can talk to Bryant alone.

Chris tells Kim that he likes being around Emily. Says that Emily was even nice enough to send Penny home for the holidays. He says that he just wants what Kim and Bob have. Kim explains what love is all about. She tells him that he will find the right person, he just has to be patient.

Simon tried to convince Lily that they have been under stress and they love each other. Lily says they won't be happy because their kids won't be happy. She says he needs to get on with his life with Katie and the baby. Lily says it is over between them.

Barbara goes to the station and sees the kids. Hal is talking to Bryant and tells him that he will call the police station and ask him if they will drop the charges because he covered for the others. Barbara overhears and asks him why he let him off. He says it's because he believes in second chances. Like she should.

Rose says its strange how Lily and Simon finally know what they want and now all of a sudden Katie is pregnant. She says there is something fishy going on and she is going to find out what it is. She leaves and Katie changes her mind about the maternity dress and buys a nightie instead.

Lily says she is not choosing Holden over Simon. She says Simon needs to get on with his lives. She gives his grandfathers letter back to him. He doesn't want to take it. She says he shouldn't make it harder than it is. He says he wants it to be hard on her.

Nancy and Joe come in. Chris takes Nancy upstairs to change her shoes. Joe and Kim talk about the song that is on the radio. He says he and his wife used to dance to it. Kim says she used to sing it.

Simon is upset and wishes he took the diamond from her in the beginning. Says he would have gotten in the mess his did. She apologizes and he says he doesn't want her pity. He says their love does not exist anymore. She makes him take the letter and says she still loves him.

Hal tells Barbara that he knows she was with Craig the night before. She says she can see whoever she wants. He reminds her that she is still married. She says she wants a divorce.

Simon tells Lily to go, but don't come back saying she changed her mind. He says that she used him because she was a bored housewife. Simon says good-bye to Lily for the last time. Lily leaves.

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