As The World Turns Update Monday 2/05/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 2/5/01

By Laurie

Craig and Barbara are at dinner. They talk about her divorce. Barbara excuses herself when the waiter comes to talk to Craig. The waiter tells Craig that his credit is no good.

Hal is talking on the phone Jennifer about Barbara's whereabouts. Emily is listening. She tells Hal that she knows they are trying to put Craig in jail and she has information on stolen merchandise that Craig has. But Craig doesn't even know himself.

Julia goes to the stables where Flashdance is. She remembers John's advice about depression. Emma comes in and tells Julia the horse is stolen and Jack is working on the case. Julia tells Emma that Jack is staying away from her on purpose. She breaks down and asks Emma what to do.

Jack and Carly kiss. She talks about what would have been if they got married. He tells her he has to go home to Julia. He tells her he wants her to get away from Craig. She said that she will soon.

Jake and Molly are in the house boat. they hear screaming and banging on a door to a room. Jake goes to open the door and the noise stops. Vickie yells again for Jake. He opens the door and sees her on a bed. He goes to her and holds her hand. She disappears. He then hears babies crying. Jake says she gave birth to the twins in that bed. The fisherman comes in and says they were twin girls. He says that he saw Vickie in the water and pulled her into the boat and two days later she gave birth. She got a fever and died before they got to shore. The fisherman said that Vickie made him promise not to go to the police.

Craig asks Barbara if she wants to stay married to Hal. She said no. He asks how the kids are taking it. He said Hal would want to see her happy. She says Hal is losing her to Craig. He says she should continue her life how she wants without Hal. She should continue her fashions in Europe and travel. She says that she never did that because she lived off of Hal's money. he wanted her to. Craig said she shouldn't.

Carly goes to Lucinda's to tell her that she is ready to deal with her. Lucinda says she talked to Tom Hughes about it and he is finding out their information. Lucinda tells Carly that she wants her to get proof that Craig stole Bryant's money. Carly said she won't help her unless she knows she is getting something from Winston's estate.

Julia tells Emma that Jack made her go to a therapist. She says that she dresses dolls up in the baby clothes to make her feel better. She asks Emma not to tell Jack because he would leave her. Emma said that Julia needs Jack's help.

Hal ask Jack how Craig could have something that was stolen and not know anything about it. Jack explains that Craig lost all his money in the fake microchips and that Craig did not know about the horse deal Winston made.

Barbara goes to Craig's suite with him. She says she has to go home and only wanted to say good-bye. He tells her that she wanted to kiss her back in November at thanksgiving. So, she then kisses him.

The fisherman tells Jake that Vickie was afraid and said someone was after her. She said Alec Wallace. She said that Alec Wallace would come after her babies. She said she would come after Jake herself. The fisherman said once her fever hit, she died. He said he told the authorities she was dead when he found her. Jake asks about his daughters. He said they were too small. They were gone. Jake grabs him and the fisherman leaves. Molly tells Jake that Vickie was dead, they were all dead.

Barbara stops kissing Craig and tells him that she won't go to bed with him until she is divorced.

Lucinda asks Carly why she changed her mind. Carly tells her she is doing it for Parker and for a "friend". Tom comes in and tells Carly that she inherits everything in value.

Jake tells Molly he wants to find out what happened to the babies. Molly said Vickie wanted them there for a reason. To see it all. Jake said there something else than the babies being gone. The fisherman is not telling them.

Hal wants Jack to find out about Craig and the horse. Jack tells him no. He needs to be with Julia. He said he is worried about her. Hal said he can't do it because of the disciplinary action. Jack finally says OK, first thing in the morning.

Emma tells Julia not to worry about Jack. He loves her and will be there for her. She said she will talk to Jack for Julia and Julia agreed.

Carly finds out that Winston only left her a horse because he was in debt. Carly tells Lucinda that their deal is over.

Barbara tells Craig she didn't realize her marriage was over to Hal until now. She leaves but before she kisses him again and asks about their future. He tells her the possibilities are "rich."

Jake insists the fisherman is hiding something. A call comes in the radio and Jake answers it. It's the fisherman. He tells him to mean him at the cemetery in the morning. Just him and Molly, no one else.

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